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www.psychspace.com心理学空间网DAVID EDWARD SCHARFF, M.D.心理学空间6W _.~f/F D


j o(fEF0EMPLOYER I.D. #:  521136447  (SCHARFF, M.D., P.A.)心理学空间 Z7[gpQ9gCco

4ZE#I8b|z-~-W Y0Born: January 8, 1941, St. Louis, Missouri心理学空间@9\})J$Z'zT


Married: to Jill Savege Scharff, 5 children心理学空间h7yN/Qy8tv

Ij1O$Z FJd0Office Address:  6612 Kennedy Drive


                     Chevy Chase, MD  20815

)N$T ? Ow6F.M0


  1. Co-Director, International Institute of Object Relations Therapy (IIORT) Chair,心理学空间G'f/a"zS!R
    Two-Year Program in Object Relations Theory and Practice:Chair,
    "n'@gJoFZ.PXT0Satellite Clinical Application Program;
    }s#rj G5k6Pz|6T0Faculty IIORT programs in Long Island, Manhattan and Chevy Chase
  2. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown Medical School
  3. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  4. Teaching Analyst, Washington Psychoanalytic Institute 
  5. Co-Editor, Library of Object Relations
  6. Consultant in Psychiatry and Family Therapy, Child and Family Services,Washington, D.C., and Jewish Social Services, Rockville, MD
  7. Faculty, Department of Psychiatry, National Capital Military Psychiatry Residency Program


心理学空间zN O{l/]Rq)gZ"T

              Grade School and High School:  St. Louis Country Day心理学空间3x&Mx1X3L ZA

-aO8QPA K9ksf9o0                     School, Graduated, 1958. College:  Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1958-1962,心理学空间q\K/E K+k4x,~%b


                     B.A., Magna Cum Laude, June 1962. Medical School:  Harvard, 1962-1966, M.D., 1966. Internship in Medicine:  Tufts-New  England Medical Center,   

S-U5_.l-X0g rxX+FQ0

E'hY-M"CP8HT*\0                   Boston, Massachusetts, June 1966-June 1967. Psychiatric Residency: Massachusetts Mental Health Center,    

f,I/\DL D0心理学空间%{^^da~

                   Boston, Massachusetts, July 1967 - June 1969. Fellowship in Child Psychiatry:  Beth Israel Hospital

G0\%L`j fV T0

N,E1z&h{ b0                     (Harvard), Boston, Massachusetts, July 1969-June 1970. Teaching Fellow:  Harvard Medical School, July 1967-June 1970.心理学空间"ES1kRHu#Gs

心理学空间!HyQR ~F D-Dk

                     (Concurrent with other appointments.) Honorary Senior Registrar:  Adolescent Department, Tavistock  心理学空间;W3K2oMV"j

%|LZ;} qx'u0                   Clinic, London, England.  July 1972-1973. Adolescent Fellow and Teaching Fellow:  Children's Hospital and心理学空间A%DP:^_(Y,[;MU

#{Au t4K1m7hA0                     George Washington University, Washington, DC, 1973-1974. Training in Child and Adult Psychoanalysis, Washington心理学空间`(|xG s8p4O

9{ p}:?%pk4M/\w0                     Psychoanalytic Institute, 1977-1984.心理学空间TW8e1e]


1969-present  Private Practice, part-time or full-time, in Adult and Child Psychiatry and              Psychoanalysis, including Psychosexual, Marital, and Family Psychiatry.心理学空间2I5\$f-| S4YX~-v-A3O

1970 - 1972   U.S. Public Health Service Psychiatrist, Rank of "Surgeon", (equivalent of Lieutenant Commander, Navy) Assignment:  Faculty of NIMH - Saint  Elizabeths Hospital Psychiatric Residency Program:心理学空间waT2F Jl RFM

1970 - 1971   Teaching Child, Community, and Adult Psychiatry.心理学空间 `K#i-K7V6v}C

1971 - 1972   Chairman, First Year Psychiatric Residency and Internship programs.

2w _4q:PU'RJ~ H-c0

1972 - 1973    Honorary Senior Registrar, Tavistock Clinic, London, England, in Child, Adolescent, and Community Psychiatry.心理学空间!F{ Cu0\:dpo'V

1972 - 1973    Staff Member, Center for Applied Social Research, Tavistock Institute of  Human Relations, London.  (Principal Investigator, School Leaving Project).心理学空间3{%@#|]S

1973 - 1981    Director, Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy Program, Preterm, Washington, D.C. (Psychiatric supervision and teaching, clinical work in Marital and  Psychosexual Therapy, Mental Health Education and Administration).


1973 - 1974    Adolescent Fellow, Hillcrest Children's Center/Children's Hospital, Washington, D.C


1973 - 1974    Staff (part-time) Area B Mental Health Center Youth Services.


1974 --1975    Psychiatrist, Hillcrest Children's Center, Washington, D.C. Responsibility for Family and Group Programs, and Psychiatric Supervision of Staff).

2mm!S)Z,{yp RT$V0

1975 -1976     Staff Psychiatrist, Alcohol Grant Program, Area A Mental Health Center, Washington, D.C.  (Supervision, teaching, consultation, assessment, and treatment responsibilities).


1975 - 1981    Academic Staff.  Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.

/^yGT v;{:i0v5f7D0

1977-present  Faculty and Teaching Analyst (1990), Washington Psychoanalytic Institute.心理学空间x4F.Ve#h

1981 - 1987    Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Family Practice, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Md.心理学空间l@._&g8r^ H"C ] D

1981-present  Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, to Clinical Professor (1990), Georgetown University Medical School心理学空间?!?;Gq hH Q"Q9~

1987 - 1994    Director, Washington School of Psychiatry, Chair, Object Relations Theory and Therapy Program, 1989-1993

^_ R'hKF`)]+i0

1987-present  Associate Clinical Professor to Clinical Professor (1990), Uniformed  Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Md.心理学空间NPBN2vT9`*R-Y


心理学空间 q2E c n xc

Active:   District of Columbia, Maryland,

,m-T3N1~)Ml Ajm?0心理学空间mu7xp1dH

              Diplomat: National Board of Medicine, 1967.

+_e vQ'e0心理学空间NbI N'[6^)Z

Inactive: Massachusetts, Virginia, California

?~vztQw P T0


心理学空间c3j ss2E.n0qj

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Adult Psychiatry - 1975, Child Psychiatry - 1976心理学空间 m0A!g/{#U%[%KAv

心理学空间A b%`c `F6TPc

American Psychoanalytic Association: certified in Psycho-analysis - 1986


4G[4NT7`m0Certified Sex Therapist, American Association of Sex Educators,Counselors and Therapists, 1979心理学空间(b:Q\3D m*Q'BL

#?D/]-k^ Q&b0American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, Certified as Clinical Member 1988

Ef ^8a8t"F7~0{0


%dc^:O$x[$tl*r'E*_01971 - 1988  (Fellow-77) American Orthopsychiatric Association

:p&e5R L}/cb6tz0心理学空间5H1F/_8k0{EPe

1974 -           American Psychiatric Association心理学空间!x b1}fY


1975 -          Washington Council of Child Psychiatry, Member心理学空间 jvSj.Z x4J2` R*z

心理学空间 wA(R(Ao&rn^2`

1976 -           American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists. President Elect 1987-1988, President 1988/89. Certified Sex Therapist                 (1979).心理学空间0og+xe'G6b1U\H3{%NN*s

1978 -              American Psychoanalytic Association, Affiliate Member (1978) to Member (1986).  Member, Committee on the Community & Society 1988 - 1991.


*{!RwKi)E5S+B01979 -          Washington Psychoanalytic Association, Affiliate Member (1979) to   Member (1984)


1981 -    1994      A.K. Rice Institute, Member

kY@Z v(OO0心理学空间['RU"}8N9v w7U

1986 -           American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, (Fellow)

2d(|%d u6`0心理学空间Kml+x8Dt4lOQ5fT ~

1986 -          International Psycho-Analytic Association, Member

pD@o3T:X*H@0心理学空间 iz0j/_-z ^

1987 -           Society for Sex Therapy and Research

R-L4?-](F6Z s0

w9XL4?Gy'K7u01988 -           American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, Clinical Member

+qo)H%O7A*UlC a;T G0

?'J'{7uH)x3?0[01993 -           International Association of Group Psychotherapy心理学空间!_(}Nk:E



1989 - 1996  Journal of Sex Education and Therapy心理学空间n)JrS3R9uy


1988-1994    Psychiatry心理学空间.c\,q&|r`&mP Z


1989 -           Dialogues:  Relational Perspectives on Psychoanalysis心理学空间~#`+z:h$b(a$S(g

心理学空间8MVT`Tn }7WW

1990 - 1992  The Psychodynamic Letter心理学空间!QsI#a2lrN n.K!U+]



American Association of Sex Educators Counselors & Therapists

;cR2d"Wd S0心理学空间~U J n8g

             President-Elect 1987-88. President 1988-89.


"f ^'z^MB Y)eXe0Washington School of Psychiatry Executive Council 1979 - 83.

KJ Lc M _0


1987              Outstanding Achievement Award.  From the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Md.  For services provided at the University's Medical School, 1981 - 1987.

f.{n8[ZD*dI Q0

1996                International Association of Marriage and Family Counseling Distinguished Presenter心理学空间$KB0I"Li'R0lH


1987-1994          As Director of the Washington School of Psychiatry, organized many conferences, workshops and lecture series, including four national conferences and one institute annually as Chair of the Object Relations Theory and Therapy Training Program, featuring prominent object relations theorists from the U.S. and Great Britain.


1994 - 1997        As Director of the International Institute of Object Relations Therapy’s two-year program in Object Relations Theory and Practice, organized the following international conferences:


July, 1995,          “Theory and Practice of Object Relations Therapy,” with Arthur  Hyatt Williams October, 1995, “Love and Hate in the Therapeutic Setting,” with Glen Gabbard, M.D.心理学空间2N/g C5H l5U\

November, 1995, “Brief Therapeutic Encounters,” with Robin Anderson, M.D.


February, 1996,  “Individual and Organizational Development,” with Anton Obholzer, M.D.心理学空间W?)M.Y\W

May, 1996,         “Guntrip and Self Psychology,” with Jeremy Hazell, Ll.B., B.A.P., and Joseph Lichtenberg, M.D.心理学空间 {%[3Mivs ~2l

July, 1996:          Infant Observation and Research Contributions to Object Relations Theory and Practice,” with Gianna Williams, Ph.D.; Stephen Suomi, Ph.D. and Mary Sue Moore, Ph.D.

-W9|a$y4X O0

October, 1996,    “Visions and Revisions” with Christopher Bollas, Ph.D.

;EKy%wU uX|$L0

January, 1997,    “Current Concepts of Kleinian Theory and Practice,” with Elizabeth Bott Spillius, Ph.D.心理学空间;V'x7m]Rp[k#g

February, 1997,  “Addiction, Perversion, Trauma,” with Earl Hopper, Ph.D.心理学空间1~3J qS*\$K\

April, 1997,         “Creativity, Regression and Acting Out,” with Gregorio Kohon, M.D.心理学空间C~2xsm oJ W

October, 1997,   “Between Conflict and Fragmentation: Theory and Technique,” with Salman Akhtar, M.D.心理学空间R5]/x] R2~Y

January, 1998,   “Narcissism and Spirituality,” with Neville Symington


April, 1998,        “Therapy with the Severely Disturbed Child and Adult,” with Anne Alvarez心理学空间&z)FJ\ @,NAmp

1995                  Treating Trauma and Divorce, co-sponsored with the Instituto de Psicologia Clinica y Psicoterapia, Panama City, Panama, January 12-13, 1995.心理学空间-A7_ g2jn4^ss#y

                          Traumatic Realities and Object Relations, co-sponsored with the Object Relations Group of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, February 24-25, 1995.


1996                  Fairbairn Conference, co-sponsored byPsychoanalytic Dialogues, New York Academy of Medicine and IIORT, New York City, October 4-6, 1996心理学空间:CJO&t8Hj


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  1. Residential Conferences in group work and organizational behavior.  July 6 - 12, 1971 November 12 - 17, Sponsored by the A. K. Rice Institute.
  2. Residential Group Relations Conference, Leicester, England, April 6 - 19, 1973.                 Sponsored by Tavistock Institute.
  3. Group Relations and Organizations.  Course at American University taught by  Kenn Rogers, Ph.D. Spring, 1972.


  1. Urban Sisters Coalition Schools, Boston, 1969 - 1970.
  2. Anacostia Community School Project, Washington, D.C. 1970-72.
  3. Secondary Schools, Inner London Education Authority, 1972 - 1973.
  4. McKinley High School, Wash., DC. 1973-74.
  5. Wilson High School, Wash., DC., 1975-76.
  6. Columbia Road Pre-School, 1976-79.
  7. Capitol East Day Care Center, 1979-80.
  8. Teaching and supervision of Mental Health Consultation, 1970 - 1981.


  1. School  Consultation Project, 1970 - 72, Anacostia Community School Project, Washington, DC.(Results summarized in paper presented,April,1972, American Orthopsychiatric Association Meetings).
  2. Research on psychological aspects of "The Transition from School to Work", carried at Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London, under the supervision of J.M.M. Hill, Director, Center for Applied Social Research,Sept. 1972 - July 1973 and in Washington D.C. 1973 - 1974.  Published as Between Two Worlds: Aspects of the Transition from School to Work
  3. Collaboration in pilot project in training student teachers, with Mildred Marshak,Ph.D.,  Institute of Education, University of London, 1972 - 1973.
  4. Clinical Research in Sex Therapy and Family Dynamics, 1974 - 1981
  5. Research project, USUHS, "Risk Factors in Medical Student Development":March, 84-86.Results presented at International Group Psychotherapy Association, Zagreb 1986, and Tavistock Clinic Conference on Training, August, 1987.
  6. Consultation and Training to Office of the Assistant Inspector General,  U.S. Department of Labor, Oct. 1985.



1967 - 1970  Harvard University, Teaching Fellow in Psychiatry.


1970 - 1972  NIMH - St. Elizabeths Hospital, Training Officer NIMH Psychiatric Residency Program.

}!r fh3_O[Mw0

1972 - 1973  Tavistock Clinic, London, Honorary Senior Registrar


1973 - 1981  George Washington University, Instructor (1973/4) Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Washington, D.C. and Assistant Clinical Professor, 1974 - 1981.

8ge&Z w4R ] \+H0

1977 - 1994  Faculty, Washington School of Psychiatry,心理学空间%M:zLO};QnK

1981 -          Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Associate Professor of Psychiatryand Family Practice, 1981-87.  Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, 1987-89. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, 1990.心理学空间k9M*R(VH H+o#h%K

1981 -          Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, to Clinical Professor (1990), Georgetown University School of Medicine.



  1. 1974-81      George Washington University, Co-Chair, 1st year Psychiatry Course.
  2. 1975-76      Department of Psychiatry, Children's Hospital National Medical Center. Head, Group and Family Course.
  3. 1974-81      Resident supervision and teaching, George Washington University andChildren's Hospital.
  4. 1975-80      Director, one and two day conferences:   "Teaching and Learning, an Experiential  Conference".  American University; The Mark Twain School, Rockville, Maryland;  Honors Program, University of Maryland.
  5. 1977-6/94     Washington School of Psychiatry.     Psychoanalytic Family Therapy Program, Faculty 1977 - ; Advanced Psychotherapy   Program Faculty, 1986 - ; Child and Adolescent Program Faculty,1986 -. Clinical Program in Psychotherapy.Practice, 1989 - .
  6. 1980-87 Consultant, Group Relations Conferences, A.K.Rice Institute. Director, A.K. Rice Group Relations Conference on Governmental Issues (1984 & 85)
  7. 1981 -        Supervision and teaching to residents  and child fellows, Georgetown Medical School, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bethesda Naval Hospital, George Washington Medical School.
  8. 1994 -    Consultant in Psychiatry and Family Therapy, Child and Family Services, Washington, D. C.
  9. 1995 -    Consultant in Couple Therapy, Jewish Social Services, Rockville, MD.



Numerous presentations since 1971. Examples during last 20 years include:心理学空间h9L6?i_;`9t M&D7J

心理学空间?Y3w4[f Mr*M

Grand Rounds and Presentations:

o:R7BM S~ ]l0

'a'G%`P%v0Suburban Hospital, Children's Hospital, Georgetown Department of Psychiatry, Walter Reed Army Medical Center Department of Psychiatry, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Community Psychiatric Clinic, Arlington Mental Health Center,心理学空间'QzNwv;Emc

{ ~$K\#P$O0Northwest Clinic of the District of Columbia, The American University Counseling Center.  The Greater Washington Society of Clinical Social Workers; Lecture on Adolescent Sexuality at the Psychiatric Institute Foundations Program on Adolescence, April1988; University Hospitals, Cleveland (1986); Tavistock Clinic -several times since 1975; Sinai Hospital of Detroit, Oct. 1988; Friends of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society, Oct. 1988;  Payne Whitney Department of Social Work, May 1989;  Bethesda Naval Hospital, Dept. of Psychiatry, 1991;  University of Utah Medical School, Nov. 1991.心理学空间"~8sKW:W|3r wY,Ix

\Q7VrT5S#Q0The Washington School of Psychiatry:  1978 - 1994


       Yearly presentations on Object Relations Family Therapy at Annual Family Therapy Symposia; other Washington School of Psychiatry meetings, including The Kingdom of Oedipus (1988); Dreaming Since Freud; October 1989, Discussant, at the WSP Co-心理学空间7O^shMV-u&p

sponsored Annual Meeting of National Association for Self Psychology, Wash. D.C., Oct. 1988.



,ymoa'\vHmZ8tj"u'a}0American Academy of Child Psychiatry, (1983, 1984, 1986).心理学空间.rg-P8_6}|v

KQJH'WY:T+j0American Family Therapy Association (1986).

sB9s:QS"X-H Y0心理学空间2i-b6P7}vRn(c

American Academy of Psychoanalysis (1986).心理学空间[6zC-n1bd

f\'N$RT d0o0American Psychiatric Association (workshop and course 1986).


eUn9}5O(j/g4@*k0w0Family Therapy Networker - most years since 1979.


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (symposia and workshops: - most years since 1982 on Object Relations Family and Couple Therapy, Integration of Therapies.

Q3_ yJ_w#uks?0

v/A#l{5^$\0American Psychoanalytic Association:  co-chair of Workshop on Family Therapy (1987-89).心理学空间~H3f$Pfm#s:sH.RY


Workshop on Marriage and Family Therapy - Winter 1989, Spring, 990.心理学空间7[;b/i_#h6SMn

MGDmx_8Y0American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists: Several presentations including organizing a panel: Sexual Secrets, April 1986; organizing panel: Integration of Marital Family and Sexual Therapy, May 1987; Object Relations Marital Therapy, 1988.心理学空间c ` EEW

心理学空间2e#C9_4C?@(M"D G

International Association of Group Psychotherapy, Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1987:  Medical Student Stress and the Institution ofthe Medical School; Object Relations Family Therapy.


$P:q6sr`^0American Psychoanalytic Association. ““From Instinct to Self: The evolution and implications of W. R. D. Fairbairn’s theory of object relations,” with Ellinor Fairbairn Birtles, December, 1996

8c$\O,v-S!^5J0心理学空间r(L._}ah%F ky

Fairbairn Conference, co-sponsored byPsychoanalytic Dialogues, New Yok Academy of Medicine and IIORT.  "Fairbairn Applied: Uses of Theory Beyond Psychoanalysis and Implications of Applied Analysis for Basic Theory," New York, 1996.心理学空间{0Lv1j)f

+n5CGdC3C%R0International Psychoanalytic Association, International Congress of Psychoanalysis.    “From Instinct to Self: The evolution and implications of W. R. D. Fairbairn’s   theory of object relations,” with Ellinor Fairbairn Birtles, Barcelona, July, 1997.心理学空间j)}(EP Vj#mA


(This section only updated through 1997.  Information on recent workshops and presentations available on request.)

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  10. Oslo, Norway (Summer 1988):one week of teaching Object Relations Family Therapy to five psychiatric and child Psychiatric teaching hospitals and clinics in Oslo, by arranged sponsorship of these clinics including Dikemark Hospital, Nic Waals Institute, and the Oslo Mental Hygiene Clinic.
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(This section only updated through 1997.  Information on recent workshops and presentations available on request.)

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