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    2018-01-15 16:32
    Patricia M. Crittenden 
    Founder, Director of Research and Publication
    Patricia M. Crittenden studied under Mary. D. Ainsworth from 1978 until 1983, when she received her Ph.D. as a psychologist in the Social Ecology and Development Program at the University of Virginia.
    Patricia M. Crittenden从1978到1983,师从Mary. D. Ainsworth,在她于弗吉尼亚大学就社会生态和发展项目而获得心理学博士学位的过程中。

    In addition to Mary Ainsworth’s constant guidance and support, her psychology master’s thesis, on the CARE-Index, was developed in consultation with John Bowlby and her family systems research, on patterns of family functioning in maltreating families, was accomplished with guidance from E. Mavis Hetherington. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education, with specializations in mental retardation and emotional disturbance (University of Virginia, 1969.)
    除了Mary Ainsworth的不断指导和支持,她的心理学硕士论文--《care - index》--的写作中曾与约翰•鲍比深度商讨,并且她的虐待家庭的家庭功能模式领域的家庭系统研究,是在E. Mavis Hetherington的专业指导下完成的。她还拥有特殊教育硕士学位,专攻精神发育迟滞和情绪障碍(弗吉尼亚大学,1969)。

    Mary Ainsworth and Patricia Crittenden in Ainsworth’s lab, circa 1980

    Career highlights(职业高度)
    Dr. Patricia Crittenden has served on the Faculties of Psychology at the Universities of Virginia and Miami and held visiting professorships at the Universities of Helsinki (Finland) and Bologna (Italy) as well as San Diego State University (USA) and Edith Cowan University (Australia).
    Patricia Crittenden博士曾作为教授就职于弗吉尼亚大学和迈阿密大学的心理学学院,并曾是赫尔辛基大学(芬兰)和博洛尼亚(意大利)以及圣地亚哥州立大学(美国)、埃迪斯科文大学(澳大利亚)的客座教授。

    In 1992 she received a Senior Post-doctoral Fellowship, with a focus on child sexual abuse and the development of individual differences in human sexuality, at the Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire. In 1993-4 she was awarded the Beverley Professorship at the Clark Institute of Psychiatry (Canada).
    1992年,她获得了新罕布什尔大学家庭研究实验室的高级博士后奖学金,研究重点是儿童性虐待和人类性别差异的发展。 1993-1994年,她被授予了克拉克精神病学研究所(加拿大)的贝弗利教授这一荣誉。

    In the last two decades, Dr. Patricia Crittenden has worked cross-culturally as a developmental psychopathologist developing the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) of attachment and adaptation, along with a developmentally attuned, life-span set of procedures for assessing self-protective strategies. DMM-based theory and empirical research authored by Dr. Patricia Crittenden have been widely published as books, chapters in books, and empirical articles in developmental and clinical journals.
    在最近过去的二十年中,Patricia Crittenden博士作为一名发展心理学家从事着跨文化的工作,发展了基于依恋和适应的动态-成熟模型(DMM),并创建出一个用以评估自我保护策略的发展适应的、跨生命周期的系列流程。Patricia Crittenden博士所撰写的基于DMM的理论和实证研究,以书稿、书籍章节及发展和临床心理期刊的实证文章的形式被广泛刊登。

    In 2004, Dr. Patricia Crittenden received a career achievement award for “Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Child and Family Development” from the European Family Therapy Association in Berlin.
    2004年,Patricia Crittenden博士从柏林的欧洲家庭治疗协会获得了“儿童与家庭发展领域的杰出贡献”事业成就奖。

    Currently, Dr. Patricia Crittenden’s work is focused on preventive and culture-sensitive applications of the DMM to mental health treatment, child protection, and criminal rehabilitation.
    目前,Patricia Crittenden博士的工作重点是DMM对心理健康治疗,儿童保护和刑事康复的预防和文化敏感应用。


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