Lynn Hoffman
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www.psychspace.com心理学空间网Family and marriage therapist, born in Paris, France. The child of American parents (her mother was Ruth Reeves, a noted textile designer), she grew up in a New York artists' colony. She studied at Radcliffe (1946) and held a series of jobs before she began to concentrate on family therapy (1963) in a programme influenced by the ideas of Gregory Bateson. She took a master's degree from the Adelphi School of Social Work (1971) and worked for family therapy organizations in Philadelphia, New York City, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. She conducted workshops and addressed many conferences around the world, and taught at the Smith College School of Social Work (1983). Among her publications, Foundations of Family Therapy (1981) is recognized internationally as an important textbook.



Family Therapy: An Intimate History
An Intimate History of Family Therapy: Lynn Hoffman interviewed by Harlene Anderson
Foundations of Family Therapy: A Conceptual Framework for Systems Change
Exchanging Voices: A Collaborative Approach to Family Therapy (Systemic Thinking and Practice)
Becoming a Family Counselor: A Bridge to Family Therapy Theory and Practice

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