Carol O Eckerman
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Carol O Eckerman心理学空间+TS1@VS0z;]?TO,A
Professor Emeritus
uS^#d4T%SA Y0Psychology and Neuroscience
k&L MK:e0214 Soc-Psych
v ?0` ] mM(Y#f0Mailing Address: 214 Soc-Psych Durham, NC 27708
Research Summary
I V%[{[$^#dPT.Vp0Premature Infants and Communication Skills心理学空间f K H \ M#FPw M3oL Y
Research Description心理学空间JZ9Jd(q$f
My research focuses upon delineating processes of developmental change, creating explanatory models of how biological, behavioral, and social-cultural factors act together in development, and detailing how developing organism's own modes of functioning shape their subsequent paths of development. I address these issues mainly through the study of how human newborns become transformed into three-year-olds who have mastered several of the basic forms of cooperative action valued within their culture (e.g., social games, verbal conversations, cooperative problem-solving). Four interrelated lines of inquiry are ongoing. The first relates differences among very-prematurely-born infants in early central nervous system development to their paths of social-communicative development over the first two years of life. The second uses classical eyeblink conditioning paradigms to better characterize the behavioral differences between preterm and full-term infants in terms of cognitive, attentional, and arousal processes. The third asks whether the pivotal roles of imitative behavior in the early communicative development of USA toddlers also occur for the Seltaman toddlers of Papua New Guinea. The fourth details children's communicative and memory skills and the social experiences that facilitate their transition from being effective communicators about present events to their becoming effective communicators about past events.
D5U jVrR$x5v0Education
)}1VR(L.R ]Q!\,Iv3e0
2@7kQj [7r#ath1\.S0PhD,
+c}jp:T z*Vvmj0Psychology,
y}+Z(FD~:_0Columbia University,
(G?+bI)Jvj%s r;wv0
bvP!NJ3qN4l0Psychology,心理学空间k{X] DF
Columbia University,
gfS'`@ C01966心理学空间'y"qc7];T9k

DXA0P[!{b0A.B. (with Honors),心理学空间FX7^ V8q?#h
fE@J9p} i-n{O0The College of Wooster,
$k9L8K"Fw^@N e0Recent Publications
*LE o5E"Ak0 

3F@Y$[.T8a9z0心理学空间$W:^}4i/rj}5[5s2Ja'I y

Journal Articles
O%v.B)j J2n-j O3d0
'PyP E'[c,Er%hB ^t0Peterman, K., & Eckerman, C.O..
I)})|&b4X j0(under review). 
Nlb,k_ kU'd {d0Sharing is important: The function of self-disclosure in the peer conversations of five-year-olds.心理学空间V;y i"g _8JS c
.心理学空间$AF S"xI;}H

/MR#b:g]-XPs+Tp0Herbert, J., Eckerman, C. O., Goldstein, R.F., & Stanton, M.E..心理学空间Hl,W6bd @
(2004). 心理学空间;R0k | c*S6w0A
Contrasts in infant classical eyeblink conditioning as a function of premature birth.
)O,uy l-] N0g0,
,^p)F~Wpq(j0心理学空间7_'R%b2T dE0u:b
(3) 心理学空间g.U+@J)s;^Y~

#J8U] C[#?:k+yG;R|0Herbert, J., Eckerman, C.O., & Stanton.
:|aH ?6W8T2Eh0(2003). 
[:BA2c'`S8v4PGo0The Ontogeny of Human Learning in Delay, Long-Delay, and Trace Eyeblink Conditioning.
mG_,| ?'v/k0Behavioral Neuroscience心理学空间$~V$~C:e

,B y4FN2W8R3[L7V4J0117 心理学空间"H+j)vXc}s p:R
(6) 心理学空间#}4wdq R
Claflin, D.I., Herbert, J., Greer, J., Eckerman, C.O., & Stanton, M.E..
w;ZrV Y0(2002). 心理学空间6L!K%Ai#B QP/Ai;^
A Delay-Interval Study of Classical Eyeblink Conditioning in 5-Month Human Infants.
iJob:u7B kfW$G0Developmental Psychobiology
"q1Y7QM~n'c(n0心理学空间-?3?.cp:| i
41 心理学空间W e p9g4m M]"N
心理学空间%uST:U J|2eUvx4W
I;DO H(? {#h0Didow, S.M. & Eckerman, C.O..
u,v1m!y4NP#n)x0(2001). 心理学空间[[ f1|kno J
Toddler Peers: From Nonverbal Coordinated Action to Verbal Discourse.心理学空间O%ll#L,f7i"[
Social Development
?C&G9vD0Haden, C.A., Ornstein, P.A., Eckerman, C.O., & Didow, S.M..心理学空间9]F[iJkB!\3b0h.x
(2001). 心理学空间#` \|8LetH;b-du;H
Mother-Child Conversational Interactions as Events Unfold: Linkages to Subsequent Remembering.
B@J+sb8Nc'JHh0Child Development心理学空间2F7~F1J&X0LuQ{

P$} v GfC1y:O9[ p m072 
Ivkovitch, D., Collins, K.L., Eckerman, C.O., Krasnegor, N.A., & Stanton, M.E..心理学空间|6Q Si9Xt(h'wL
A h } QDJ9@I0k0Classical Delay Eyeblink Conditioning in 4- and 5-Month-Old Infants.
hY k0R8x/Q8q0Psychological Science心理学空间'Am(y6y XW:k Zb
心理学空间R {:Z!I5a4w8A7~
10 心理学空间bt4SXGg)p

0I1Vv&_Nc.U5uv04-8.心理学空间)E F q l [&o!d

q-JN6foG\0C.O. Eckerman & Whitehead, H..心理学空间RyH C#Q}$uZ
^2OC:I`LNf E p0How Toddler Peers Generate Coordinated Action: A Cross-Cultural Exploration.心理学空间xSc%CFF"c5Z
Early Childhood Education
"WM U:CG)rb0.心理学空间Kq,A6W"`utz
心理学空间*Af6b6r-O7@\s L~y
C.O. Eckerman, Hsu, H-C., Molitor, A., & Leung, E.H.L..心理学空间p\3U i9F9s
wyP2{s@ jZj0Infant Arousal in an En-Face Exchange with a New Partner: Effects of Prematurity and Preinatal Biological Risk.
/k ~y6Y#| Z!WxE0Developmental Psychology
@M w.n+~)Z035 
:EE1CL%|*J9_yE A0心理学空间 Oru9~$GA
Eckerman, C.O., & Didow, S.M..心理学空间+A0N7w$]ub.{
b#mh$Hd{g7I*C0Nonverbal imitation and toddlers' mastery of verbal means of achieving coordinated action.
*k0cX5JoK0Developmental Psychology
J+}7u/Dd3\+r)W^0心理学空间c.M;Wzf en
/bo P `t0
0S(G@NV*?CQ+z0Eckerman, C.O., Oehler, J.M., Hannan, T.E., & Molitor, A..心理学空间(t-_+w6B!z
(1995). 心理学空间2J$ugo"U:D(k M!~6P"w
The development prior to term age of very-prematurely-born newborns' responsiveness in En Face exchanges.
)hx&LX;lE3wj0Infant Behavior and Development
k&wE [o ?f0
3A(nt[5XW0,心理学空间a'EJc n2d;?
283-297.心理学空间 uN8rWxKd
Eckerman, C.O., Oehler, J.M., Medvin, M.B., & Hannan, T.E..
){J2~+ez"AQ,l!y0Premature newborns' behavior as social partners before term age.心理学空间-t+Z$]f{ K/xf
Infant Behavior and Development
Il{(Z T+\)A0
;t {~e"yD0
3ZC`$fVo$z k055-70.心理学空间 {$m6Z)sNj

3Yn9R,[a*m'D9r0Brazy, J.E., Eckerman, C.O., Oehler, J.M., Goldstein, R.F., & O'Rand, A.M..
(U4j"h"bl,e WyW0(1991).心理学空间1C8K4[+Nl
Nursery neurobiologic risk score: Important factors in predicting outcome in very low birth weight infants.
4H(qc3Fmm0The Journal of Pediatrics心理学空间C;q])J*k.sceA

x8~)jR8Y3U1z8I W0118 
'{ T{2? H`.I0
qZ ~3topz*e0783-792.心理学空间;tM2AWNIJ
心理学空间v l,Pd|Y+\
Eckerman, C.O., & Stein, M.R..
MC9M;C9b0(1990). 心理学空间;c/WG ~s1]/?M
How imitation begets imitation and toddlers' generation of games.
(pb3v:Q1E'rn0Developmental Psychology
(CFq { a]5U026 
c9`*|m%v$L0心理学空间8[7wL%~p D!y @#G
心理学空间'? iw`"r
Eckerman, C.O., Davis, C.C., & Didow, S.M..心理学空间"G;W y5K N j#L5^ I'W
D(F0ArYr Je0Toddlers' emerging ways of achieving social coordinations with a peer.
~ k/T5DTZ0Child Development
h?mG EzZ.})PR0心理学空间zV%|a!| d
60 心理学空间*Wyc/R'rWTQ

o W$}-n$W0440-453.
.O QDC#~8S;O-Hjx"x0
7E:B:E+`/s_P0Eckerman, C.O., & Didow, S.M..
T8f#`&V0SQ TM|q0(1989). 
b!S1q Y h:c0Toddlers' social coordinations: Changing responses to another's invitation to play.
|8I5d s(o1~.x#D#i1t8G0Developmental Psychology
6XBumFH PeG0
y.?0b$Krc$rIn025 心理学空间BfctR1?~&u0P

j%~q[ KIY)p0心理学空间3X ?ECE8G[,L
Oehler, J.M, Eckerman, C.O., & Wilson, W.H..
\*m{]&]4]V,Y0(1988). 心理学空间BC)A tM(b
Social stimulation and the regulation of premature infants' state prior to term age.心理学空间@f.q _ uZ1_W
Infant Behavior and Development心理学空间2L|nb"q NB

dq K rS&l,j011 
T,]wgwN Y.P0
+{$x Amw-d0心理学空间$}[b#MT)js1E
Eckerman, C.O., & Didow, S.M..
BoI$]-_ uCx-bh0(1988). 
b|5e^M'fVG0Lessons drawn from observing young peers together.
e?2E4^ S-J0Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica
WYKvo c3Hf.t077 
#_@SklF8U M9F0心理学空间nt [6T7Lk` ]%r
55-70.心理学空间-J @:Bm Mdz3K|
Eckerman, C.O., Sturm, L.A., & Gross, S.J..心理学空间q]4r.}j(t/fv4z
F/OY Q9b"n0Differet developmental courses for very-low-birthweight infants differing in early head growth.心理学空间@e-Uy*}9N{b k(r
Developmental Psychology
V e8r3X M\ \0
!h,a5U1T o+G/{&boi'B021 心理学空间 {(C:{3@7sl\ yo2q

7Ay F4Z6z {D)H0813-827.
\8?"f l%yct4u1x\w0Dorval, B., & Eckerman, C.O..
\D*b[&roUgCz7v0The development of conversation.心理学空间+f^ ~0`^D
Mongraphs of the Society for Research in Child Development
~ }x F n/h+@$kl N0
F:?F%D;I049 心理学空间a I,xn8Y,{P1?
(2) 心理学空间7}t.]RX&}6MpN6sQ

(M$`.\ u-J`(a G091.心理学空间|c@!a9c R Q

]6@;dB6v(|C*]0Brazy, J., Eckerman, C.O., & Gross, S.J..心理学空间 F_.~,n:M8Q ]5Xr:u
(1983). 心理学空间;\El)h5}
Follow-up of infants.心理学空间di|:Tb Okcrj
Journal of Pediatrics心理学空间 [1dX~2J4IQ5?

s,C,jaA&i]0102 心理学空间'O6i6g9Lbu i5K

fjkm K b0611-613.心理学空间.YY&g SNN

Jl p:S7K0Gross, S.J., Oehler, J.M., & Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间L tMM{x6H'C RS
fr(Nj5M%u c#} i0Head growth and developmental outcome in very low-birth-weight infants.心理学空间)p }*o/uB%I?

/w1l-hXDt ^0心理学空间n4nr\g4]CR

6j2b'NQ:WOYrY0McGehee, L.J., & Eckerman, C.O..
h8Gn [)E;FQ6BYj0(1983). 
7w(V'i(GoT?"ds0The preterm infant as a social partner: Responsive but unreadable.心理学空间4d;N]m\
Infant Behavior and Development心理学空间-L!{$iy/|

M5QT9a Y| v0
qN5j+G;T;I@ m;fd4D0461-470.
:} yTN:mS*R!q0Gross, S.J., & Eckerman, C.O..
|{!kVY$I I0(1983). 
"mZy+l dJ"ruu0Normative early head growth in very-low-birthweight infants.心理学空间5ANJ,cSx
Journal of Pediatrics心理学空间n%po&L.z7Hf1Yh

wYQ3{ ]0103 
GJuq'ABg_}0心理学空间8k3A p xcN"` j9m#K
946-949.心理学空间 ]5I.h#{f
Gross, S.J., Oehler, J.M., & Eckerman, C.O..
SG%C Y[3^|*?R0(1980). 心理学空间EV,l9`-j)m x2L#Z
Head circumference at birth and growth at six weeks as predictors of developmental outcome in very low birthweight infants.
7O;x8F,kq:l0Pediatric Research
Sj^:S"mG/vfhD0心理学空间 tWm%C` }&R-LZ
14 心理学空间~@'B8]YAv

pI'Br A6A0434.心理学空间vr6\ u VSc0|fr ? v
Eckerman, C.O., Whatley, J.L., & McGehee.心理学空间'@/B`A6]do
(1979). 心理学空间#I3n|-J:{w"z-]-F} k
Approaching and contacting the object another manipulates.心理学空间"F!q4K!xwx9w e
Developmental Psychology
E!w]'F b WDC0心理学空间j+W%Z3\? dDi
15 心理学空间Y#}-?W6R MA;m

^)jeO?V:]xl0Eckerman, C.O., & Whatley, J.L..心理学空间$['i\(V o2T
|.h,H.\![6U7o2Z)ho0Toys and social interaction between infant peers.
yPtQWqyfw,r p0Child Development心理学空间&F["Ue*v

LEynqyZ+w0Eckerman, C.O., Whatley, J.L., & Kutz, S.L..
4]%N*Z L;RJ3x!N0(1975). 心理学空间!n6L7p ~*xJ-S
Grwth of social play with peers during the second year of life.心理学空间e ?zn3l vj f E
Developmental Psychology
ol/Uu;b zAY,~xu0
P\AZ#O?lGg J011 心理学空间q"S,p0K|)Jbe
心理学空间"k(W(Gy0O\-K }
,tX-X_5t Gm'@0心理学空间kh$yP HH:FGe
Eckerman, C.O., & Whatley, J.L..
QJL+B6W0Infants' reactions to unfamiliar adults varying in novelty.心理学空间+bwnF2L+v:a
Developmental Psychology心理学空间_#mg |x'jP/TrJ
心理学空间;U)XxD.U#`:p dL
11 心理学空间s1a)y(n6u}

T ^ @Ot;Kq/o0562-566.
ju*l0x3c Ed ?vk&H0心理学空间(~&t/MI;t{mv
Eckerman, C.O., & Rheingold, H.L..
%MSC.ghToM/o0(1974). 心理学空间j F _1i{'y0R{a
Infants exploratory responses to toys and people.心理学空间$gVi"\;MB
Developmental Psychology心理学空间XT!@o m

.jf Gh@8f010 心理学空间0N+~`#Q$EBd6n2R2j'{
心理学空间s xz"jKE

gc d;b"aO0Corter, C.M., Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间?6hE2K(X:y]
(1972). 心理学空间oCGS1Rz?$kK
Toys delay the infants following of his mother.
$f*u5O#f ?ou x5q0Developmental Psychology
.y8h+F5OO"n!J+} g!Y$V0
:g0G2J.x5Bxyg i0心理学空间.^B*x/q_
心理学空间E;c ~C ?:z,d/X{

J2d3I-M!G7H0`Sj0Ross, H.S., Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..
u'L*TX'L xH$Z0(1972). 心理学空间 W0Y JG{m?'^:F0KE
Approach and exploration of a novel alternative by 12-month old infants.心理学空间6aS.W gXnR
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology心理学空间a,Zo*^,Abf
心理学空间+? cfIX^!M _bR4Y7[
13 心理学空间 d/J&M"C-O#{
心理学空间?-i'voLOw v { p+~T
Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..
?w8e\W A @`OG0(1971). 
j b%V7`M-\'_%v&g0Familiar social and nonsocial stimuli and the kittens response to a strange environment.
6j$hF1jrU1L.@NW%O0Developmental Psychobiology心理学空间 [)Y/kbo+jB l
心理学空间(pb a i];A

)O"]Xu`+SI E071-89.心理学空间;]g\z`}

lp"L9T;\|2vw0Eckerman, C.O., Rheingold, H.L., & Helwig, R.A..心理学空间 Z8O0U(A1f`,kL
M;cx}wI C*}0A laboratory for developmental psychologists.心理学空间%] j:H g.Q[#Oi z
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
9M&ZVH%wvZ D3n0心理学空间:P'@pR2r.`[;J
d(Y+T r%A`I6J#Ns0心理学空间9aW.toK;L'ip I K%b_
54-62.心理学空间,Tl0Rz T`O){
Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间Du:sVC#e4x^j j
(1970). 心理学空间2t:Lck:F:`? ieh
The infant separates himself from his mother.心理学空间hL'^r#u,[5zvV
Science心理学空间(b H9BC+d&hZ
心理学空间M Ks*Pe#AKO0R
!y;QX n v;D(Y0心理学空间} j` X5Q3E7mel
Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间8yot:Z Y \{h]
(1969). 心理学空间e!\ IC8A'@rj
The infant's free entry into a new environment.心理学空间(Dp*QJm
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
zd6H I;h+oD'h0心理学空间g e$|0omD w2f8E A)T~

`Nf SyFy0271-283.心理学空间%j!f?J!U `oY0X
Chapters in Books心理学空间1N0U/V#T|4W5NB

bZ$Dv4[W!m#H0C.O. Eckerman & Peterman, K..
9m:lA{&}M3e$y0(2001). 心理学空间sA9n9gpI-?tz[
Peers and Infant Social/Communicative Development.心理学空间Ya!B0mW{ r5P
In G. Bremner & A. Fogel (Eds.), 心理学空间7]0f3w ?J+h7Zg
Blackwell Handbook of Infant Development
Oxford, UK: Blackwell.心理学空间N+S Yz9@
Ivkovich, D., Eckerman, C.O., Krasnegor, N.A., & Stanton, M.E..
vDN'E8Q D#{F0(2000). 心理学空间 \)x8v1e/C
Using Eyeblink Conditioning to Assess Neurocognitive Development.心理学空间*zV:Iw7i5j9`
In D.S. Woodruff-Pak & J.E. Steinmetz (Eds.), 心理学空间@fO%UO&~(d'h}*T.O
Eyeblink Classical Conditioning: Human
Kluwer Academic Publishers.心理学空间$o2Rv&M@YT)|#K/s.Y
心理学空间 _)\!ww:?(bxP
Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间e[9d'_r9kU1n
(1996). 心理学空间 X;~B'm/z
Early social-communicative development: Illustrative development analyses.
-q ]#M/A(Z1qA0In R.B. Cairns, et al. (Eds.), 
P8w7P4{h"]'m!Mf.P0Developmental science
7J` {sVM P0.心理学空间7a uYwl3d(a R-w
New York: Cambridge University Press.心理学空间-pv b1}nw8Y8V L5j

X/TiTKU,jsA0Eckerman, C.O..
k(J9W.H~h-j6D0(1993). 心理学空间!N;}O/z W
Toddlers' achievement of coordinated action with conspecifics: A dynamic systems perspective.心理学空间TDv mf1bq.X
In L.B. Smith & E. Thelen (Eds.),心理学空间(X#\2\9~ ^&Z7Rp
Dynamical systems in development: Applications心理学空间7`^v`$x3`H'z
;w __ P#Q1OL a0Cambridge, MA: Bradford Books, MIT Press.心理学空间W)uo6Z)N_

x-r3b jr$X0Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间#V}Qbp5K/K5z
#{8?bE!d-Pe#I"]P0Imitation and toddlers' achievement of coordinated action with others.心理学空间c ]"VkYu8FRW
In J. Nadel & L. Camaioni (Eds.), 心理学空间8e?q)N)r8P5K g%C:O
New perspectives in early comunicative development心理学空间`&vJ4l v-jp$m gB}
)s"E6E.N(R#[d0London: Routledge.心理学空间+CE?7~lc
心理学空间 KCG+C_Ji^$y
Eckerman, C.O., & Oehler, J.M..心理学空间~'HT:^bup1k F
(1992). 心理学空间'Po1_J-in*Z._4m
Very-low-birthweight newborns and parents as early social partners.
}z y7n3IIN2Q0In S.L. Friedman & M.D. Sigman (Eds.), 
8O9q4V2K lM Z3p"K0_0The psychological development of low birthweight children
-j i$x~4G @!N0Norwood, NJ: Ablex.
Eckerman, C.O., & Stein, M.R..心理学空间-H:I.] ]I c
xn \e8l @ f b$s,mI0The toddlers emerging interactive skills.
ts.tP&R ~X_7Q0In K.H. Rubin & H.S. Ross (Eds.), 心理学空间0j$yS:{;Si6}j;c6@2S
Peer relationships and social skills in childhood心理学空间f:gc9x2B}#@$T4H/Kx
e r9^L\0New York: Springer-Verlag.
d S2]0x;q;u6m0心理学空间 @9|7k\hQ}9ik
Eckerman, C.O..
:Uo F3@~{)Pz kh0(1979). 
:p:o"T'O#D0The human infant in social interaction.
1y8Y L dg(S[0In R.B. Cairns (Eds.), 心理学空间*U#jUcH@
Social interactions: Methods, issues, and illustrations
3vq{$S |0b9N t@1Fe5z0Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.心理学空间8O$is&Uh#RKO
Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间1w?B bq+E{
(1975). 心理学空间R q SEb:ZY"Ff X
Some proposals for unifying the study of social development.心理学空间D'MG\7C7O+K
In M. Lewis & L. Rosenblum (Eds.), 心理学空间8T { dx},_x
Peer relations and friendship心理学空间#wS|:P\%d,N@c`
'hy*Q1` jI0New York: Wiley.
9VIaf8u G.|h0心理学空间Xj6M~7z j @ZdE
Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..心理学空间H,`WOy8G~
HPzN4fs)NW0Fear of a stranger: A critical examination.
,e5D'}#y)X`L|9g3S0In H.W. Reese (Eds.), 心理学空间]~k5z/?jY
Advances in child development and behavior心理学空间8V BX5Ww7r R-g
.心理学空间G.FG%N H$G"}]7l(d
New York: Academic Press.
,S)Me6tZaCR-F0Rheingold, H.L., & Eckerman, C.O..
j8_SUj#jl%e5t$[p5h0Departures from the mother.心理学空间ya'eL6][1I!A
In H.R. Schaffer (Eds.), 心理学空间*qop{8F?
The orgins of human social relations
CfV,AA e j0.心理学空间"Jv?'@0T Xg$~:^
New York: Academic Press.
As:~;P/p,d)N$o,o-`0Commentaries/Book Reviews
,q}G^@KO0Eckerman, C.O..
lV/PPqp%{0Researching infants' reactions to strangers (Review of The infant's reaction to stangers by T.G. Decarie.
'lX9Ty0` a.v0Contemporary Psychology
h;z)`Aw;A(ao0,心理学空间Wj"W6DHq Q.K
20 心理学空间3a'Q7u ML q"@'`
"E+c9F+cCZ `0
?r]Ef0Eckerman, C.O..
~/oLD6KB5f~ip3A5n9o0(August 1977). 心理学空间{n @9w K:j j
Presentation of 1977 G. Stanley Hall Award to Harriet Lange.心理学空间u f$H~z ^'j/Z
American Psychological Association Convention, San Francisco, California.
&AL.rm9JhKd+WR5A0(Reproduced in the Newsletter of the Division of Developmental Psychology, American Psychological Association)

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