Additive and Polynomial Representations
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Additive and Polynomial Representations 作 者:R. Duncan Luce
出 版:Dover Publications
书 号:9780486453149
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,M pW9[U X5B6y$d,`0Additive and Polynomial Representations
-F8?_4b)kM7iE^7J0R. Duncan Luce
k8ZW0a1j1{k"mh*m~ D0出版社: Dover Publications心理学空间G"W,K)gx{+o"J yp[+|
丛书名: Foundations of Measurement
x0x4K2We$E0平装: 584页心理学空间.PxO,n9^7F5[j
正文语种: 英语心理学空间+gfq5nB/pU8p@
ISBN: 0486453146心理学空间0C}h5H8^&c
条形码: 9780486453149心理学空间Y^ x;IE,L:ee
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ASIN: 0486453146
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A classic series in the field of quantitative measurement, Volume I introduces the distinct mathematical results that serve to formulate numerical representations of qualitative structures. Volume II extends the subject in the direction of geometrical, threshold, and probabilistic representations, and Volume III examines representation as expressed in axiomatization and invariance. 1971 edition.心理学空间 `8} ne!V

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