Administrative Behavior, 4th Edition
作者: Herbert A. Simon / 6101次阅读 时间: 1997年3月07日
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Administrative Behavior, 4th Edition 作 者:Herbert A. Simon
出 版:Free Press; 4 Sub
书 号:9780684835822
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Herbert A. Simon
出版: Free Press; 4 Sub (1997年3月1日)
平装: 384页
语种: 英语
ISBN: 0684835827
条码: 9780684835822
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In this fourth edition of his ground-breaking work, Herbert A. Simon applies his pioneering theory of human choice and administrative decision-making to concrete organizational problems. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the book's original publication, Professor Simon enhances his timeless observations on the human decision-making process with commentaries examining new facets of organizational behavior. Investigating the impact of changing social values and modem technology on the operation of organizations, the new ideas featured in this revised edition update a book that has become a worldwide classic.
Named by Public Administration Review as "Book of the Half Century," Administrative Behavior is considered one of the most influential books on social science thinking, and was referred to by the Nobel Committee as "epoch-making."

Written for managers and other professionals who wish to understand the decision-making processes at the heart of organization and management, it is also essential reading for students in business and management, economics, sociology, psychology computer science, government, and law.

Introduction to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the First Edition


I. Decision-Making and Administrative Organization
II. Some Problems of Administrative Theory
III. Fact and Value in Decision-Making
IV. Rationality in Administrative Behavior
V. The Psychology of Administrative Decisions
VI. The Equilibrium of the Organization
VII. The Role of Authority
VIII. Communication
IX. The Criterion of Efficiency
X. Loyalties and Organizational Identification
XI. The Anatomy of Organization
Appendix: What Is an Administrative Science?

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又名司马贺,美国心理学家,认知心理学的奠基者。西蒙和纽厄尔等人共同创建了信息加工心理学,开辟了从信息加工观点研究人类思维的方向,推动了认知科学和人工智能的发展。曾荣获国家科学奖,1953年当选为国家科学院院士,1969年获美国心理学会颁发的杰出科学贡献奖,1978年获诺贝尔经济学奖。 [type] => graduate [ischannel] => 0 [displayorder] => 37 [tpl] => [viewtpl] => [thumb] => 2009/11/1_200911051310441cYVU.gif [image] => 2009/11/1_200911051310441cYVU.gif [haveattach] => 0 [bbsmodel] => 0 [bbsurltype] => [blockmodel] => 1 [blockparameter] => [blocktext] => [url] => [subcatid] => 123 [htmlpath] => [domain] => [perpage] => 20 [prehtml] => [homeid] => 0 [upname] => S  )