Freud 1938b[1937] LOU ANDREAS-SALOME 露 安德烈•莎乐美
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1938b[1937] LOU ANDREAS-SALOME心理学空间sj QJ)X8L7zq

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露 安德烈•莎乐美心理学空间*d|'lS9| L$u

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译者 安德烈先生心理学空间F ["~,Ga t X

)T6g3R^{%l0On February 5 of this year Frau Lou Andreas-Salomé died peacefully in her little house at Gottingen,almost 76 years of age. For the last 25 years of her life this remarkable woman was attached to psycho-analysis, to which she contributed valuable writings and which she practised as well. I am not saying too much if I acknowledge that we all felt it as an honour when she joined the ranks of our collaborators and comrades in arms, and at the same time as a fresh guarantee of the truth of the theories of analysis.心理学空间R3j(EC;JF]z[

nL C&nVZ0露 安德烈•莎乐美女士于今年2月5日在她在哥廷根的小屋平静地逝世了,享年76岁。在她生命的最后25年中,这位卓越的女士喜爱并专注于精神分析学,她将之付诸实践并为之贡献了宝贵的文本。在她加入我们志同道合的工作伙伴队伍的那刻,我们无不感到一种荣光和骄傲,同时也感到一股使我们更加坚信精神分析的真理的新鲜力量,对此,我无论说多少也不过誉。

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-~~pw{ @ y7Y%Y0It was known that as a girl she had kept up an intense friendship with Friedrich Nietzsche, founded upon her deep understanding of the philosopher’s bold ideas. This relationship came to an abrupt end when she refused the proposal of marriage which he made her. It was well known, too, that many years later she had acted alike as Muse and protecting mother to Rainer Maria Rilke, the great poet, who was a little helpless in facing life. But beyond this her personality remained obscure. Her modesty and discretion were more than ordinary. She never spoke of her own poetical and literary works. She clearly knew where the true values in life are to be looked for. Those who were closer to her had the strongest impression of the genuineness and harmony of her nature and could discover with astonishment that all feminine frailties, and perhaps most human frailties, were foreign to her or had been conquered by her in the course of her life.心理学空间-q v5h"D3K#FSNc

,m _P?8K S0众所周知,她作为一个女孩儿与弗里德里希•尼采保持着亲密的友谊,这种友谊建立在她对大胆的哲学思想的深刻理解。这种关系在尼采向她求婚之后被破坏了。同样我们都知道,她在之后的很多年扮演了一位无助地面对生活的伟大诗人赖内•马利亚•里尔克的缪斯女神和保护神。但是除此之外,她的个性依然是不为人所知的。她特别的谦虚和慎重。她从未说起她个人的诗和文学作品。她很明白生活的真正价值还需要去寻找。任何一个与她有过密切联系的人都会对她天性中的天才和平和留下深刻印象,并且都能惊奇地发现那些女性的弱点,或者是人类的弱点在她那里都没有,都在她的生活中被她所克服了。 

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It was in Vienna that long ago the most moving episode of her feminine fortunes had been played out. In 1912 she returned to Vienna in order to be initiated into psycho-analysis. My daughter, who was her close friend, once heard her regret that she had not known psycho-analysis in her youth. But, after all, in those days there was no such thing.


Gp#Y:pG0在很久之前,她女性机遇中的最具活力的一章就已经在维也纳表现出来了。1912年她为了进入精神分析领域回到了维也纳。我的女儿,也是她亲密的朋友曾经听到她抱怨在她年轻时不懂精神分析。但是毕竟,在那时还没有精神分析。 心理学空间;] T)C"c p9P2A![$m!Y

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Sigm. Freud心理学空间.`,P wF#h+is }/n ?)UE

\W#g|$L:S-T }W0西格蒙德•弗洛伊德心理学空间4oc s![?;j

#|&P8r6zJ,^2P0February, 1937.

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