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{ _WS _0行为研究纲要:方法与数据分析》是一本经典的高级研究方法教材。两位作者分别用几十年的时间从事心理学教学和研究工作,其研究重心又集中在心理学研究方法和数据分析方面。他们在这方面进行了深入钻研和分析,并结出了丰硕的成果,共同合作出版了多本关于研究方法和数据分析的著作。心理学书籍 psychspace.com%M(D0y A:s:`pZ a/r


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~ G?V[WP0作者:[美国] 罗伯特·罗森塔尔 拉尔夫·罗斯诺
;x$WS,@6u*Q'e0出版:人民邮电出版社 2012-1心理学书籍 psychspace.com_R8B%_.J`7v
^v-sR5j N'@0装帧:精装心理学书籍 psychspace.com2{d+`/?ApK{f+SM
字数:950千字心理学书籍 psychspace.com7M;Zp!v;u ^"A8L ]6Y$K
7?,z]v!J.v0ISBN:9787115269874心理学书籍 psychspace.com aLU Opv
;s:^}6yK1^0v0原名:Essentials of Behavioral Research: Methods and Data Analysis心理学书籍 psychspace.com?a#zmG'o


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O {0Z%|2MW*x?0  《行为研究纲要:方法与数据分析》是心理学、社会学、人类学、传播学、教育学、商学、统计学、市场营销学等多个学科领域的教师、学者和学生从事教学和研究工作所必备的一本工具书。



Q I&M7~4KhP0 Robert Rosenthal is Distinguished Professor at the University of California at Riverside and Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Harvard University. His research has centered for some 50 years on the role of the self-fulfi lling prophecy in everyday life and in laboratory situations. Special interests include the effects of teachers’ expectations on students’performance, the effects of experimenters’expectations on the results of their research, and the effects of clinicians’expectations on their patients’mental and physical health. He also has strong interests in sources of artifact in behavioral research and in various quantitative procedures. In the realm of data analysis, his special interests are in experimental design and analysis, contrast analysis, and meta-analysis. His most recent books and articles are about these areas of data analysis and about the nature of nonverbal communication in teacher-student, doctorpatient, manager-employee, judge-jury, and psychotherapist-client interaction. He has been Co-Chair of the Task Force on Statistical Inference of the American Psychological Association and has served as Chair of the Research Committee of the Bayer Institute for Health Care Communication. He was a co-recipient of two behavioral science awards of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1960,1993) and recipient of the James McKeen Cattell Award of the American Psychological Society, the Distinguished Scientist Award of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, the Samuel J. Messick Distinguished Scientifi c Contributions Award of the APA’s Division 5—Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics, and the APA’s Distinguished Scientifi c Award for Applications of Psychology.
'SzE9r6K(t7zno-H,R0心理学书籍 psychspace.com+zX|wz6@8r1Q+}#x
Ralph L. Rosnow is Thaddeus Bolton Professor Emeritus at Temple University, where he taught for 34 years and directed the graduate program in social and organizational psychology. He has also taught research methods at Boston University and Harvard University and does consulting on research and data analysis. The overarching theme of his scholarly work concerns how people make sense of, and impose meaning on,their experiential world, called the “will to meaning” by Viktor Frankl. Rosnow has explored aspects of this construct in research and theory within the framework of contextualism, the psychology of rumor and gossip, attitude and social cognition, the structure of interpersonal acumen, artifacts and ethical dilemmas in human research,and the statistical justifi cation of scientifi c conclusions. He has authored and coauthored many articles and books on these topics and, with Mimi Rosnow, coauthored Writing Papers in Psychology, a popular writing manual now in its seventh edition (published by Thomson Wadsworth, 2006). He has served on the editorial boards of journals and encyclopedias, was coeditor (with R. E. Lana) of the Reconstruction of Society Series published by Oxford University Press, and chaired the APA’s Committee on Standards in Research. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the APA, and the Association for Psychological Science, received the Society of General Psychology’s George A. Miller Award, and was recently honored with a Festschrift book edited by D. A. Hantula, Advances in Social and Organizational Psychology心理学书籍 psychspace.com4P5_gz@k}I g
心理学书籍 psychspace.comG%n}8x"\b$N
Rosenthal and Rosnow have also collaborated on other books on research methods and data analysis, including Artifact in Behavioral Research (Academic Press, 1969);The Volunteer Subject (Wiley, 1975); Primer of Methods for the Behavioral Sciences(Wiley, 1975); Understanding Behavioral Science: Research Methods for Research Consumers (McGraw-Hill, 1984); Contrast Analysis: Focused Comparisons in the Analysis of Variance (Cambridge University Press, 1985); People Studying People: Artifacts and Ethics in Behavioral Research (W. H. Freeman, 1997); (with D. B. Rubin)Contrasts and Effect Sizes in Behavioral Research: A Correlational Approach (Cambridge University Press, 2000); and Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual心理学书籍 psychspace.comt6l?$Eh0?I
Primer (6 th ed., Pearson/PrenticeHall, 2008).



:hixZ,k7TW,o8m0第一编 概念与伦理基础
C$X|h7e.K~'l-R,L0第1章 行为研究的精神心理学书籍 psychspace.com2sol%A$X^/[@,tP
第2章 探索与辩护的环境
-bJfx%dvY)]ue0第3章 伦理问题、道德两难问题与指导方针心理学书籍 psychspace.coml {"T:gw ie3X],kw
第二编 因变量的可操作化和可测量化心理学书籍 psychspace.comO%_!?"VkFJ3u
第4章 测量信度和效度心理学书籍 psychspace.com6p8VA;]C `
第5章 观察、判断和复合变量心理学书籍 psychspace.comq G\zo4|U'cN
第6章 问卷法、访谈法和日志法心理学书籍 psychspace.comrM9HF r#t3{5s
第三编 研究设计的逻辑
$yZ9[C F}z0第7章 随机控制的实验和因果推论心理学书籍 psychspace.com"~ n9?~ {*s|6M+@
第8章 非随机化研究与函数关系
4|;B;})bg ]0第9章 随机与非随机抽取样本心理学书籍 psychspace.comD&\` q lRm
第四编 数据分析的基本原理
bX,CdP4[ ~mo7MK0第10章 描述、展示以及探究数据心理学书籍 psychspace.com~0M2ARh
第11章 相关关系
-EB3H\6^3\0第12章 统计检验力与效应值
s6D ] JwjKFnE0第五编 单因素设计
/OvC y E}9P0第13章 用t 检验比较均值
$ahfV-O$Us"E0第14章 方差分析与F 检验心理学书籍 psychspace.comY/YL:R!GQE5I2R
第15章 单因素对比分析心理学书籍 psychspace.com7e5@(c(OZ:k9N
第六编 因素设计
7lzVR$N0t9p8h"\g0第16章 多因素方差分析心理学书籍 psychspace.com%w!ZV;Vu}
第17章 方差分析中的交互作用心理学书籍 psychspace.comSH ^d9r.]P*e
第18章 重复测量方差分析心理学书籍 psychspace.comO{,['@9dyM tu#k
第七编 数据分析的补充问题
1N6yjrpQ0第19章 显著性检验和列联表分析心理学书籍 psychspace.com ~JZG@ d|
第20章 多元数据分析
O~*T/}0C#g,}W0第21章 元分析:研究结果的比较和综合
*G|$S;J_z.m'{*V'I"Q c2K0第八编 附录
|"nH;vT _;W'V0详细目录
9M-K~Ruj4V0Chapter The Spirit of Behavioral Research心理学书籍 psychspace.comAr$I&xr!t
Science and the Search for Knowledge
,JhF#Z'O-_w"?G0What Do Behavioral Researchers Really Know?心理学书籍 psychspace.com5L,B6A5QF?
Social Constructionism
Ha i.o | ?U0Contextualism/Perspectivism心理学书籍 psychspace.com-U.H3l!c Sm
Evolutionary Epistemology心理学书籍 psychspace.com.ErvN\b q
Peirce’s Four Ways of Knowing
&L(ph*mM4wI0Rhetoric, Perceptibility, and Aesthetics
"j%AK1sMe0Limitations of the Four Supports of Conviction
w@P0UQ i)N0Behavioral Research Defi ned
V n5A\2`kB`(K0Three Broad Research Orientations心理学书籍 psychspace.comd|(y!s1g O |
The Descriptive Research Orientation心理学书籍 psychspace.comkW#Lj"{
The Relational Research Orientation
%Nz;^ mGP*r6_t6OBX0The Experimental Research Orientation
}!f"XaN^8~3fFsg0Empirical Principles as Probabilistic Assertions
M!^$KN(gt0Orienting Habits of Good Scientifi c Practice
{)eXSV~0Chapter Contexts of Discovery and Justifi cation心理学书籍 psychspace.coml*Sp,EK9N
Inspiration and Explanation心理学书籍 psychspace.com k)b4Oj*e }9B*tf-k.]
Theories and Hypotheses心理学书籍 psychspace.com@~4J7?;Qx
Sources of Inspiration and Insight
3brR*|d!X"ED0Serendipity in Behavioral Research心理学书籍 psychspace.comuV&SX'W+gO
Molding Ideas Into Working Hypotheses
1JC|2W6s rh0Positivism, Falsifi cationism, and Conventionalism心理学书籍 psychspace.com&[,YT\B!iDd
Type I and Type II Decision Errors
CoO3Z Y']4D0g UV_0Statistical Signifi cance and the Effect Size心理学书籍 psychspace.com2u vWu6B/[
Two Families of Effect Sizes
K,G ~st0Interval Estimates Around Effect Sizes心理学书籍 psychspace.com-jl"W1N1Q$Y c|
Summing Up心理学书籍 psychspace.comrS2yk9^B
Chapter Ethical Considerations, Dilemmas,and Guidelines心理学书籍 psychspace.com n%H }a O!W\zf
Puzzles and Problems心理学书籍 psychspace.com N7dQ fm7XS,l
A Delicate Balancing Act心理学书籍 psychspace.comy"WL,Ue3g5H)Mh
Historical Context of the American Psychological Association Code
4TW n_&J0The Belmont Report, Federal Regulations, and the Institutional
2N4WBUEl h Gs)X0Review Board
'tR)J9T4e0Principle I: Respect for Persons and Their Autonomy心理学书籍 psychspace.comH4W\8rn4y[(b^M
Principle II: Benefi cence and Nonmalefi cence
b2fue8v8[(B0Principle III: Justice心理学书籍 psychspace.com xmKY8pX
Principle IV: Trust
7z o7b8A`CMP0B0Principle V: Fidelity and Scientifi c Integrity心理学书籍 psychspace.com k~5y[E5I5A2B
Costs, Utilities, and Institutional Review Boards
T(rtiJ-M0Scientifi c and Societal Responsibilities心理学书籍 psychspace.com+x0])U!At7Z.z
Chapter Reliability and Validity of Measurements
$D7Zus} Q&_Y0Random and Systematic Error心理学书籍 psychspace.com+D{9]w4]
Assessing Stability and Equivalence心理学书籍 psychspace.com$ZJ3HxR!pm^.^tb+^
Internal-Consistency Reliability and Spearman-Brown
4O,ou~ y,I3Iu3x9a0KR20 and Cronbach’s Alpha
!L vDgWp M0Effective Reliability of Judges
4Eqr F%B-I v({0Effective Cost of Judges
*bCu-j&B u0Effective Cost of Items
} ^ ['@*N/^"Jn0Interrater Agreement and Reliability
y-W$d"^s:y4Q0Cohen’s Kappa心理学书籍 psychspace.comoO/hQ1`)nY6k
Replication in Research
1a3Nx4e,t_CC0Validity Criteria in Assessment心理学书籍 psychspace.com ~yu3d"c_V
Convergent and Discriminant Validity
t/sh*[1B6C/x0Test Validity, Practical Utility, and the Taylor-Russell Tables
f9C@9i}Wu0Relationship of Validity to Reliability
q)V,{$eh@gC(w?0Chapter Observations, Judgments, and Composite Variables心理学书籍 psychspace.comT7d1o^tzh&c
Observing, Classifying, and Evaluating
W:mRp!?e6o H0Observing While Participating心理学书籍 psychspace.comQ-A ? aj#O7ulo/h_
Maximizing Credibility and Serendipity
n_%e,x&\G^Fe m0Organizing and Sense-Making in Ethnographic Research
wa M+f+H&|/d6D0Interpreter and Observer Biases
:~}h CD W:P,@a0Unobtrusive Observations and Nonreactive Measurements
PO#FDJ~+\K-JW0Selecting the Most Appropriate Judges心理学书籍 psychspace.com7x5s0hZ1d7r
Choosing the Number of Response Alternatives
p,d1F(r3nw+o Yb0~0Effects of Guessing and Omissions on Accuracy心理学书籍 psychspace.com;J'i5@:dn7b
Intrinsic Factors and the Level of Accuracy
ikZ8}LPR!Q.}YP0Applications of Categorical Judgments
'si#c&|`C0Category Scales and Rating Scales
$^5Eb"G|h)o+c0Numerical, Graphic, and Magnitude Ratings
+Y%B'V`-@0Rating Biases and Their Control
1?0XE G(q8pc0Bipolar Versus Unipolar Scales
9X8p*}zd"W)d0Forming Composite Variables
M3~u8V!Z0Forming Multiple Composites心理学书籍 psychspace.com$GLbD@/h[ N)P6PuG
Quantifying the Clarity of Composites
}G u L4]0Chapter Questionnaires, Interviews, and Diaries心理学书籍 psychspace.comM]1xQ |$f
Concerns About Self-Report Data心理学书籍 psychspace.comFF$KU _1B@%o ?
Open-Ended Versus Structured Items
(H|0bC-S%N`0p x0Critical Incident Technique心理学书籍 psychspace.com-SJ\vo&@ g~ mV T1G%L
Stages in Developing Interview Protocols心理学书籍 psychspace.comD`~'oM ^;q0~
Research Interviews by Telephone
6F ri'?%\0Developing Research Questionnaires
wQ4?u$Jk%h)P/b0Defensiveness, Inconsistency, and Yea-Saying心理学书籍 psychspace.com:BB-X_]y2sB/R8G
Cross-Cultural Questionnaire and Interview Research心理学书籍 psychspace.com8|.T fb1?Z
One-Dimensional and Multidimensional Attitude Scales心理学书籍 psychspace.com[j.N7Z.Z!@4e[ ZE
Semantic Differentials for Attitudinal Meaning
0Tq ]_1h0Q-Sorts for Subjectivity Ratings
"fC`m+Cw+e_0Likert Method of Item Analysis心理学书籍 psychspace.com6S r E&uN%xF
Thurstone Equal-Appearing Intervals Method
,dbc z~S _:E`n0Memory and the Use of Self-Recorded Diaries
OjXv&i0PART III THE LOGIC OF RESEARCH DESIGNS心理学书籍 psychspace.comw'H7@)H ]4]9PE
Chapter Randomized Controlled Experiments and Causal Inference心理学书籍 psychspace.com/?F4q:fGi-^R x]O
Experimentation in Science心理学书籍 psychspace.com^$|q+s k,{K;ud
Randomized Experimental Designs
0b3| mW]gP q0Characteristics of Randomization心理学书籍 psychspace.com@%G9M7g]yYD)X
The Philosophical Puzzle of Causality心理学书籍 psychspace.com&O2_|f3J3f9j(F(k_
Contiguity, Priority, and Constant Conjunction
&kQG-k @ zd0Four Types of Experimental Control
&bx,Y)@4j%R0Mill’s Methods of Agreement and Difference心理学书籍 psychspace.comk6z+q+AR
Between-Group Designs and Mill’s Joint Method心理学书籍 psychspace.com;F%y"U%M-Enb
Independent, Dependent, and Moderator Variables心理学书籍 psychspace.comPg0r`r7\N!{
Solomon’s Extended Control Group Design心理学书籍 psychspace.com{&r;_(fOG4h |
Threats to Internal Validity
8[ `+M;_J3M0Threats to External Validity
.tt"bs?I.v0Statistical Conclusion and Construct Validity心理学书籍 psychspace.com!S P3nU_0{
Subject and Experimenter Artifacts
+w5y:vLP(n0Demand Characteristics and Their Control心理学书籍 psychspace.com;D\.d xV
Interactional Experimenter Effects心理学书籍 psychspace.com|7\)y+P#@p0?U3g
Experimenter Expectancy Effects and
Q p x,P)h0Their Control心理学书籍 psychspace.comLq+pwn*kJ
Concluding Commentary心理学书籍 psychspace.com*`B&b|U
Chapter Nonrandomized Research and Functional Relationships心理学书籍 psychspace.comY6B6ZgG RK
Nonrandomized and Quasi-Experimental Studies
xL8W"Mqu#E5t0Nonequivalent Groups and Historical Controls
;n?"nZC/s'E0Interrupted Time Series and the Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average心理学书籍 psychspace.comxK fg4mMo{$rG3F
Single-Case Experimental Designs
](g;E4Vu8KB0Cross-Lagged Correlational Designs心理学书籍 psychspace.com1z+{R7d(Y&I5W
Invisible Variables and the Mediation Problem
vBX%O9N0Path Analysis and Causal Inference心理学书籍 psychspace.com&rYf)`R6{*Hm4R
The Cohort in Longitudinal Research心理学书籍 psychspace.com'J T8|'?'](RI
Different Forms of Cohort Studies心理学书籍 psychspace.com@:C5Dy\ R4qGL
Subclassifi cation on Propensity Scores
D:u4NXM.\ M(hn0Multiple Confounding Covariates心理学书籍 psychspace.com&~4e _J D @i4F
Chapter Randomly and Nonrandomly Selected Sampling Units
am*f,h#I,F0Sampling a Small Part of the Whole心理学书籍 psychspace.com.|_` B^t&Bm2i
Bias and Instability in Surveys
0sR!CB]-X0^0Simple Random-Sampling Plans
+SIv bR!^0Improving Accuracy in Random Sampling
/`D'e-de8Kg|'j0Confi dence Intervals for Population Estimates
-E?*C_M5I8r*F0Speaking of Confi dence Intervals心理学书籍 psychspace.com&A8loH5z,oB+]/?
Other Selection Procedures
^ f8|.PX,{0Nonresponse Bias and Its Control心理学书籍 psychspace.com+w-z5C+S9`m
Studying the Volunteer Subject心理学书籍 psychspace.com:EA)Wy0@k
Characteristics of the Volunteer Subject心理学书籍 psychspace.com9a$K$^ {)[_h{)ne bL
Implications for the Interpretation of
,Sc!?.G.}C*R;Z0Research Findings心理学书籍 psychspace.comvu3_ qj7C-G8j+^'FkQ;S
Situational Correlates and the Reduction of心理学书籍 psychspace.com4a'u+D Vq1@
Volunteer Bias心理学书籍 psychspace.comXS%]4I|)s W
The Problem of Missing Data心理学书籍 psychspace.com/dc0Q/Wr'GFz
Procedures for Dealing With Missing Data
GZdq)j5v {'WVh0Chapter Describing, Displaying, and Exploring Data心理学书籍 psychspace.com|:~X8G6N
Descriptions of Sampling Units
!vW})p#j ov0Frequency Diagrams and Stem-and-Leaf Displays
j9`2{ay V\0Box Plots
Jw%WDx*c@c0Comparing Distributions Back to Back心理学书籍 psychspace.comS `'E!H*G;O*fj
Measures of Central Tendency
"oi9p6y-n` {0Measures of Spread
&i8BHE} E&dq"k~0The Normal Distribution
2Y_:eo K%H:^"{,k.W0Standard Scores心理学书籍 psychspace.comi6L6lr9rYC!i
Data Not Distributed Normally心理学书籍 psychspace.com/nY,q8?Y!T \(Q Y
Precision of Estimating Population Means心理学书籍 psychspace.comA1e Z&~L6A
Defi ning Outliers心理学书籍 psychspace.comj)R],{'vtn1b c
Coping With Outliers
"jf)D3hi+R @lQ[5CNl5g0Exploring the Data
7g:bX&pt3h1e4y0Chapter Correlation心理学书籍 psychspace.comh"q2iC ck+Di
Pearson r心理学书籍 psychspace.com3N@-c4H%a"g
Proportion of Variance Interpretation of Correlation
Np~O2w'w0Binomial Effect-Size Display
5Px'| ?0B$d0Confi dence Intervals for Effect-Size Correlations心理学书籍 psychspace.com9UM&J*I5Wc,[
Small Correlations, But Important Effects心理学书籍 psychspace.com.b9xF)\c9~M!b
Counternull Values of Effect Sizes
A f r7|Tzq.}5cI0Spearman Rank Correlation
sy0`?o/Z0Ranks as a Transformation心理学书籍 psychspace.com4t8EY^ai
Observations of Disproportionate Infl uence
+}k)m+w&Q8QZ3Oy;jc0Point-Biserial Correlation
-R9x/g/JQ,`7L3fj0Exact Tests for Rho心理学书籍 psychspace.com9I dY+UFYC
Phi Coeffi cient
f&?\qv uR+|6F p0Curvilinear (Quadratic) Correlation心理学书籍 psychspace.comkVc}DN
Five Product-Moment Correlations心理学书籍 psychspace.comZD-m|k H^J
Comparing Correlations心理学书籍 psychspace.com&NVn!HM6kl
Considering Third Variables
%yC;P6}WAt1Z0Effects of Variability on Correlations
h pV5`t0Chapter Statistical Power and Effect Size Revisited心理学书籍 psychspace.com f.N-TFT+{
Why Assess Statistical Power?心理学书籍 psychspace.com:iA V9jC,y
The Neglect of Statistical Power
vn@g#r9h6S)^ L*c0The requivalent Statistic
|f*XXQ#E0^ o0Cohen’s Multipurpose Power Tables
W7Vqo/s3I-n)uJ0The t Test for Comparing Two Means
2e;|5tv`-j?,^J0i0The Signifi cance of a Product-Moment r
9EY3Ad;mCm/[0Differences Between Correlation Coeffi cients心理学书籍 psychspace.com2^:h Iez%kJ
The Test That a Proportion is .50
K6J-f$Cuc:fV3b%x\0The Difference Between Proportions心理学书籍 psychspace.com9[{m gM
The Focused Chi-Square Test
dhl3T\6H@(r0F Tests for Focused Comparisons
#s:cV)Y6M0Additional Strategies for Improving Power心理学书籍 psychspace.com5X6yN8u5w*J t
PART V ONE-WAY DESIGNS心理学书籍 psychspace.com `g$q#U nDf*[
Chapter Comparing Means by Standard t Tests心理学书籍 psychspace.com}GS#o7g.eXn
Gosset and the t Test心理学书籍 psychspace.comGs} a$mO*vw(?
Two Components of t Tests心理学书籍 psychspace.com|E ~t+uV
Maximizing t心理学书籍 psychspace.com%a%l6pv|M-KN!M
Effect Sizes and Adjustments for Unequal Sample Sizes心理学书籍 psychspace.com9t&cDb*OIG
Interpreting the Independent Sample t心理学书籍 psychspace.com/dj3A-N~ k
Computing the Independent Sample t心理学书籍 psychspace.comqRp-k o7BQ
Reporting the Results心理学书籍 psychspace.com$v];| ^ _3_
t Tests for Nonindependent Samples心理学书籍 psychspace.com5`F;Q U{1^'O
Effect Size and Study Size Components of Nonindependent Sample t心理学书籍 psychspace.com EnA8oK;L"Pm
Assumptions Underlying t Tests心理学书籍 psychspace.com:?z1\ W*~j2G
Nonparametric Procedures心理学书籍 psychspace.comI`2VQq
The Bootstrap, the Jackknife, and Permutation Tests
j M`;J r]rk!J(M&I0Chapter Analysis of Variance and the F Test心理学书籍 psychspace.com:n1kxW8a
The F Test and the t Test
"A`@"U fuD|?+V$H0The Analysis of “Variances”
qu9e Cfz0Illustration of an Omnibus F
Tm o;h$v0Dividing Up the Total Variance心理学书籍 psychspace.comd'j9Xcf%i5a9z
ANOVA Summary Tables心理学书籍 psychspace.com*G9CXlip7H!G)~o
Distributions of F
i O6qX?N`0After the Omnibus F心理学书籍 psychspace.com i?+Ksy^-x2Z
Protecting Against “Too Many t Tests”
2q(hPMk C0Bonferroni Procedures心理学书籍 psychspace.com |z;_W!U KQ K$x
Bonferroni Tolerance Value
a/yL|!rL8elF\0Comparing Two Independent Variabilities
m%z3Z ]Jg!o2m i-P0Illustration Using Transformations心理学书籍 psychspace.com@2T4] Pb t/JH
Comparing Two Correlated Variabilities
Hj6?V e e.v c0Comparing Three or More Independent Variabilities心理学书籍 psychspace.com.u;@ ||c1Fl|*{
Comparing Three or More Correlated Variabilities心理学书籍 psychspace.com6Q,f%N#Y @ a^t.| e_Z:X
Summary of Procedures for Comparing Variabilities
F.L^4f/NGz2C0Chapter One-Way Contrast Analyses心理学书籍 psychspace.com `-lW&G |;H
Focusing Our Questions and Statistical Tests
cw2\~Q0Contrast F Tests on Original Data心理学书籍 psychspace.com*SH&FF$?0TD
Contrast t Tests on Original Data Carving Contrasts Out of Published Data
B jNv@4Xd K0Orthogonal Contrasts心理学书籍 psychspace.comYCKAeC4?i,P
Nonorthogonal Contrasts
6p;] c b#}e0Effect Size Indices for Contrasts心理学书籍 psychspace.comsTUC jB
The BESD and the Binomial Effect-Size Correlation
N2V@"h@7H,ic0Overview of the Four Effect-Size Indices心理学书籍 psychspace.com n}$NR5Tnp
Comparing Competing Contrasts
8tt'~"wz0Combining Competing Contrasts
#y-Z0e|H+Gk9\1T0Optimal Design and the Allocation of Sample Sizes
,fSMnkS4f:m'M4R0PART VI FACTORIAL DESIGNS心理学书籍 psychspace.com8X N;{1u ne D/{
Chapter Factorial Analysis of Variance心理学书籍 psychspace.com'T5fH7nj#D4U]%b5N
Confronting Persistent Misunderstandings
wl_#Z5o.@[o:@0An Economy of Design心理学书籍 psychspace.com6R R0d z+j({
Effects and the Structure of ANOVA心理学书籍 psychspace.comcZF"N;Y%xU
Individual Differences as Error
.C i$n U${N*Q;`Z0The Table of Variance
\8vn;NS iQ0Testing the Grand Mean by t and F
[]i;b6V8j0Unweighted Means Analysis for Equal or Unequal Sample Sizes心理学书籍 psychspace.com8ID&e$DX4x \
Effects on F of Unequal Sample Sizes
0K$S4Eaq r+oNf~mw0Unequal Sample Sizes and Contrasts心理学书籍 psychspace.comM;R/}'s5k(m'GtP
Transcending Factorial Structure Using Contrasts
.G,rDF!@Uz.SD0Higher Order Factorial Designs
en s;bj{0Blocking and the Increase of Power
Cp G.T$C0p_a0Blocking and the Analysis of Covariance心理学书籍 psychspace.com"y/BN#GPrHo q?
Transforming Data to Remove Interactions心理学书籍 psychspace.com r3r | aD5xR'a
Chapter Interaction Effects in Analysis of Variance
3T-c$mg-z_ sSn0The Interpretation of Interaction
GRF]rI)n/g0Crossed and Uncrossed Combinations of Group Means心理学书籍 psychspace.com4d1Tt H6\PBS._*O
Illustration of Mean Polishing心理学书籍 psychspace.comtV6Hn W yv'Z/r
Constructing Tables of Predicted Means
/i&i!_qh$o w/[0Studying Interactions in Two-Way Tables心理学书籍 psychspace.comtX.W[5Bph;~A
Three-Way Factorial Designs心理学书籍 psychspace.com?5{ hH!r1am
Defi ning Three-Way Interactions心理学书籍 psychspace.com7VfyZ&rR
Further Notes on Interpretation
YP\-J8I0Simplifying Complex Tables of Residuals
yX` {'a#ajPU;k0Illustration of a Five-Way Interaction
*R+C [2c/p;c @ A?e0h0A Note on Complexity
3T"n*a(ClL)AR+} Yj0Chapter Repeated Measures in Analysis of Variance心理学书籍 psychspace.comN'l4_G+BJ9|
Use of Repeated Observations
4GZ6SAD-~a\r[0Basic Computations
]t,j3Gw0^0z!d0Fixed and Random Effects Error Terms in the Four Basic Combinations心理学书籍 psychspace.com j}!B|rw8uY2wS+[
Latin Squares and Counterbalancing
;f1K3yPc nh6dVs0Analysis of Latin Squares心理学书籍 psychspace.com'y5c} |6V$L*S9XN
Some Latin Squares May Be Better Than Others心理学书籍 psychspace.comr)g ^5|:P'V v
Other Counterbalancing Designs心理学书籍 psychspace.comc~0Es QR~E2M
Three or More Factors
A.qRQ$[P0Two Within-Subjects Factors心理学书籍 psychspace.comt"Y3E3T3nX
Aggregating Error Terms心理学书籍 psychspace.com#Ca4C?]F&LA
Three Within-Subjects Factors心理学书籍 psychspace.com Vt'M+sO'iSV
Fixed or Random Factors
:@$_~c~)YE,\d N4X{0Did Repeated Measures Help?
2fr F(I9@0The Intraclass r Revisited
;Y:znX2nC0Composite Variables and Additional Assumptions心理学书籍 psychspace.comgi:Y eY
Contrasts in Repeated Measures心理学书籍 psychspace.com3h$iZ+n;i
Hierarchically Nested Designs心理学书籍 psychspace.comf W S]0u3e
The Choice of Error Terms心理学书籍 psychspace.com Da1QaRMEt_5rhuG
Chapter Significance Testing and Association in Tables of Counts心理学书籍 psychspace.com3hdR [/HYT
Table Analysis and Chi-Square心理学书籍 psychspace.com~8E|T"A d,~%^
The - df Chi-Square Test心理学书籍 psychspace.com-MP.YV/xl3f0o8|9}
Larger Tables of Counts
"L1AKRl0Distributions of Chi-Square
lbe&MU~.G3wm?0Procedures for Larger Contingency Tables心理学书籍 psychspace.comQr x{dc] L
Subdividing Tables to Test Specifi c Hypotheses心理学书籍 psychspace.com0yvyU+z6li
Fisher Exact Probability Test
Rc I;x cc h:_0Strengthening the Fisher Exact Test
gC4m-y(_?f0Adjustments for in _ Tables心理学书籍 psychspace.com+Fph(]T3_k
Complete Partitioning of Larger Tables
)tc {$kx#j3d0The Corner-Cells Test Subtable
] k P7qGe0Contrasts in Proportions心理学书籍 psychspace.com U*]*S F zp5rovz
Alternative Analyses for Smaller Sample Studies
4Bt h(gn0Standardizing Row and Column Totals
[4`,P5o0I,W%b"k0Odds Ratio, Relative Risk, Risk Difference, and Phi心理学书籍 psychspace.com)E.iT#p;S)L,_
One-Sample Tables of Counts心理学书籍 psychspace.com7M e$~:pJ1B`
Multiple-Choice-Type Data and the Proportion Index
Ov\TO b [C Z~.EB0Chapter Multivariate Data Analysis
%k _yU/}0Background心理学书籍 psychspace.coml&]H:J/t5Le
Redescribing Relationships Within Sets of Variables
2o:{PjW-W|*@0Cluster Analysis for Redescription
8M)W^+J;MC'^Q0Principal Components Analysis for Redescription心理学书籍 psychspace.comw L9j}/O(_ E
ros31960_ Improving Interpretation by Rotation心理学书籍 psychspace.com5X5q@0U}
Psychometric Applications of Principal Components Analysis心理学书籍 psychspace.comZj!A;S'b\ N:}NQ
Alternatives for the Redescription of Variables心理学书籍 psychspace.comz^3y,_b,A9R
Multidimensional Scaling Illustration心理学书籍 psychspace.comP R:hl'~P-Q3H_
Relationships Among Sets of Variables
2H5AY nc8P#_U3j0Chapter Meta-Analysis: Comparing and Combining Research Results心理学书籍 psychspace.com*{y$G'w~'B
Statistical Analysis of Statistical Analyses
[~}!z |1e3@7ok0Criticisms of Meta-Analysis心理学书籍 psychspace.comQQ+m5VCt6V
Interpreting Two or More Studies心理学书籍 psychspace.com4k*R W4Z(_pp
Comparing Two Signifi cance Levels
8y R Sz0G~6L%cK0Comparing Two Effect-Size Correlations
u3x{$|Qe1e.Nd0Combining Two Signifi cance Levels
!t U CBEhL `B0Combining Two Effect-Size Correlations心理学书籍 psychspace.com8Fw0d*B jP.D1R
Overall Comparisons of Three or More Studies心理学书籍 psychspace.comEX0qa+T
Focused Comparisons of Three or More Studies心理学书籍 psychspace.com)y.LN&n+fiO
Combining Three or More p Levels心理学书籍 psychspace.comD Hw(LknJ@8G
Combining Three or More Effect-Size Correlations
4jm8p9g b iU0Results That Are Not Independent心理学书籍 psychspace.com(L3[$O{P!k|
The File Drawer Problem
K [ x } ?*|%u)o.e)@3L0An Eye to Variability
B/qz8]$g n7v6~0PART VIII APPENDIXES心理学书籍 psychspace.com8e2`z |f_"s;^
A List of Numbered Equations心理学书籍 psychspace.comO8{np)Cj(|1W^mr
B Statistical Tables
Lp\DoW G4?0Glossary
y$Lm5d es/n0References心理学书籍 psychspace.com'uGN h!kX3I,O
Subject Index
W3MRbc5R0Name Index心理学书籍 psychspace.com-h,dgTiK-f
 心理学书籍 psychspace.comg b4Dp5Iq#@1~


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