Harold Lasswell Award哈罗德·拉斯韦尔奖
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u^~ Ip0Harold Lasswell Award
:]] T|'E2@N7u0The Lasswell Award is given for “distinguished scientific contribution in the field of political psychology.” It is named for Harold Lasswell, one of the first to apply psychology to the analysis of politics. He was, thereby, also one of the first to encounter the problems of interdisciplinary work: because of resistance to his ideas, from 1937 to 1950 not a single article of his was published in a political science journal. However, he continued to publish (in psychological and psychiatric journals, and books), and so ultimately he won recognition, being elected President of APSA in 1955. He taught at Chicago, Yale, CUNY, Temple, and finally Columbia.
&Nc7X y |'v0“政治心理学作出杰出贡献”者会被授予拉斯韦尔奖。该奖项以哈罗德·拉斯韦尔奖命名,拉斯韦尔第一个将心理学应用于政治分析。心理学空间6zv]8V)E'uo

h ELq's;s0The award recipient will be strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and Award Banquet and may be asked to give a talk at the 2012 annual meeting in recognition of their work in the field.心理学空间:}zOy"y
All nominations must include a CV of the nominee and an argumentation why he/she deserves the award. Send nominations via post or e-mail to the award committee chair.
4jc"~R6R }^;lJl0心理学空间j)GeM.b
Send nominations to the 2012 Award Committee Chair:
.H |!@0O7wry)]3P2t0Catarina Kinnvall
|&i9Fo4J)]y$pV0Land University心理学空间*S6R)P/`N6CR'b
Deadline Feb. 15, 2012心理学空间 x&b7Wo`H

d#|-y }/c;T;bw0First awarded in 1979.
w$B,X h8x+h*jN4n8O0心理学空间'^RoZ!e^ Q Opv'S
Past winners:心理学空间;N\9CQ}T+EW6Xj
2010 Tom Pettigrew心理学空间(?0T,YC,}W^l.M
2009 Steven R. Brown
#k5^[h f}%W02008 Philip Tetlock
H#D+lFdk ?^02007 David Winter心理学空间R!N7f h$q xAy
2006 Jim Sidanius心理学空间"JK/c M(f#HsbI m)v
2005 Milton Lodge心理学空间9I5YB:U8VC
2004 Robert Jervis
)V]A r2]02003 Marilynn Brewer
8wjA&c z^L5N02002 John L. Sullivan
oB9y#hz02001 Peter Suedfeld
\0s @'O-~9ZUR02000 Fred I. Greenstein
L8W+k ?n7P Ww.^01999 William McGuire心理学空间{Ef`1@Hm gT
1998 Paul Sniderman心理学空间*m"A&h)v ` ja'@a
1997 Betty Glad
fO1V^+b:s*Vs01996 Robert P. Abelson心理学空间Ogc.zk(V!|I
1995 David O. Sears
Qi7CT#?f!R01994 Lucian Pye
)}r:b/S#x*oC|01993 M. Brewster Smith心理学空间-B)u"DK5lP/n
1992 Dean G. Pruitt
&b$]m]N,t01991 Robert E. Lane心理学空间h X.C#OQ^,n'C0]L:T\ u
1990 Philip E. Converse
i u] N?f]01989 Robert C. Tucker
5NKtX.Px-TQ \01988 Milton Rokeach心理学空间rU;lR#j7K
1987 Jerome D. Frank心理学空间&`1fLT0f
1986 Anatol Rapaport
+ET q2F+_w QA2X,D01985 Alexander George
Z!KEl%@j!qYK01984 James MacGregor Burns心理学空间/X^:lC D$w
1983 Myres McDougal心理学空间^vj6v c r Fet {T
1982 Leonard Doob
u{+o3PaxYV01981 Erik Erikson心理学空间&~*TS7CY y6rB
1980 Angus Campbell
*a"N"a\g"n01979 Nathan Leites心理学空间G7r*Wjt2bu byV8y

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