Dividing the Child: Social and Legal Dilemmas of Custody
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Dividing the Child: Social and Legal Dilemmas of Custody 作 者:Eleanor E. Maccoby
出 版:Harvard University Press
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Dividing the Child: Social and Legal Dilemmas of Custody心理学空间&W W` EH m;c

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~ Eleanor E. Maccoby (作者), Robert H. Mnookin (作者)

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出版社: Harvard University Press; New edition (1998年8月19日)

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平装: 416页心理学空间0vo6a wN&l/i,L

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语种: 英语心理学空间7s)n\]+vh3D$|3~

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ISBN: 0674212959心理学空间\#}H1l"jDa%^0C {


条形码: 9780674212954


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Questions about how children fare in divided families have become as perplexing and urgent as they are common. In this text on custody arrangements, developmental psychologist Eleanor Maccoby and legal scholar Robert Mnookin examine the social and legal realities of how divorcing parents make arrangements for their children.心理学空间1m0~*u7d2in



/N'Q*Nf+A*e0An important book for those concerned with family policy: it clarifies the connections among various factors involved in the dissolution process with care and concern...[It] should...assist in refocusing divorce from reform efforts toward the difficult issues of enhancing cooperation and easing adjustments to lives after divorce. -- Alice Hearst Law and Politics Book Review Adds significantly to current knowledge about the roles of law, culture, and psychology in shaping the economic and parenting systems in postdivorce families...Gives a fascinating picture of divorce in process and the interplay between formal legal and informal practical arrangements. -- Barbara Bennett Woodhouse Contemporary Sociology心理学空间(e;n8o eD j/K s h


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Eleanor E. Maccoby is Professor Emerita of Psychology at Stanford University and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Robert H. Mnookin is Williston Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Director of the Harvard Negotiation Research Project.

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6g$\8T(Z4GL9x dO#m0Preface 1. Introduction 2. Understanding the Processes of Divorce 3. Characteristics of the Families Studied 4. Initial Residence and Visitation 5. Child Custody: What Parents Want and Get 6. The Economic Provisions of the Divorce Decree 7. Conflict over the Terms of the Divorce Decree 8. Continuity and Change in Children's Residence and Visitation 9. Parenting and Co-parenting Apart 10. Economic Changes over Time 11. Facing the Dilemmas of Child Custody Appendix A Supplementary Tables Appendix B Methods Notes References Index

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