Heinz Kohut科胡特最后的岁月
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Heinz Kohut科胡特最后的岁月心理学空间y!N u"L3V#G0?%g a;i

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R+|qXx%Z0there is another reason why I wan't to empathy,meanly,that i have sence of responsibility about the abuse of this concept.

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the fact again, the poeple have act that as i was abuse it,make me group no high, or senced it is, it that's don't agree what i was right.心理学空间-V9rh ]b~~HFn1r

P]$s.S+y(Q0heinz kohut was the man who created the self psychology school in american psychoanalysis.
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[ N Ih%VO8X0but again i should list, if they made understand, undoubtly they are also irrathional motivations.probably not.....

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