Biographical Sketch of Charles Egerton Osgood, Educator - Psychologist
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Biographical Sketch of Charles Egerton Osgood, Educator - Psychologist
Born: 20 November 1916, Somerville, Massachusetts
Married: 27 June 1939, Cynthia Luella Thornton
Children: 2
Education: Dartmouth, 1939, BA
Dartmouth, 1962, D.Sc.
Yale, 1945, Ph.D.
1945-46 Research Associate, Yale
1946-49 Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Connecticut
1949-52 Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois
1952-84 Professor of Communications and Psychology, University of Illinois
1957-84 Director of Communications Research Center, University of Illinois
Associations: Guggenheim fellow
Fellow, Center Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto
Member, American Psychological Association (president, 1962-63)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
National Academy of Sciences
Linguistic Society of America
Phi Beta Kappa
Sigma Xi
Major themes developed and researched:
Psycholinguistic research and theory
Cross-cultural research on affective meaning and attribution of feelings
Psycho-social dynamics and the prospects for mankind
For galleys of an autobiography published in Vol. VII of A History of Psychology in
Autobiography (1980), see Box 25.
Source: Who's Who in America, 43rd ed. (1984-85), Chicago: Marquis, 1984.
Communications Research
Charles E. Osgood Papers, 1939-82

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