Motivated Social Perception: The Ontario Symposium, Volume 9
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Motivated Social Perception: The Ontario Symposium, Volume 9 作 者:James M. Olson
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motivated Social Perception: The Ontario Symposium, Volume 9动机的社会认知:安大略省的研讨会,第9卷


/xT&G,u8a h,Uqm0~ Steven J. Spencer (编者), Steven Fein (编者), Mark P. Zanna (编者), James M. Olson (编者)

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出版社: Psychology Press Ltd (2012年12月15日)


F ?)LM}*~0丛书名: Ontario Symposia on Personality and Social Psychology Series心理学空间#e ydcs9ID

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ISBN: 0415650291

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条形码: 9780415650298心理学空间(Dg%|1lxwfa

l6Ljpt3qt:H m0ASIN: 0415650291

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This volume highlights state-of-the-art research on motivated social perception by the leaders in the field. Recently a number of researchers developed influential accounts of how motivation affects social perception. Unfortunately, this work was developed without extensive contact between the researchers, and therefore evolved into two distinct traditions. The first tradition shows that the motivation to maintain a positive self-concept and to define oneself in the social world can dramatically affect people's social perception. The second one shows that people's goals have a dramatic effect on how they see themselves and others. Motivated Social Perception shows how these two approaches often overlap and provides insights into how these two perspectives are integrated. Motivated Social Perception contains chapters on: *the effect of motivation on the activation and application of stereotypes; *self-affirmation in the evaluations of the self and others; *implicit and explicit aspects of self-esteem; *self-esteem contingencies and relational aspects of the self; *an investigation of the roots and functions of basic goals; and *extensions of self-regulatory theory. This book is intended for scholars, researchers, and advanced students interested in social perception and social cognition.

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Z j3pLK4Dn*dQ0Contents: Preface. Z. Kunda, P.G. Davies, E. Hoshino-Browne, C.H. Jordan, The Impact of Comprehension Goals on the Ebb and Flow of Stereotype Activation During Interaction. S. Fein, E. Hoshino-Browne, P.G. Davies, S.J. Spencer, Self-Image Maintenance Goals and Sociocultural Norms in Motivated Social Perception. D. Dunning, The Zealous Self-Affirmer: How and Why the Self Lurks So Pervasively Behind Social Judgment. I. McGregor, Defensive Zeal: Compensatory Conviction About Attitudes, Values, Goals, Groups, and Self-Definition in the Face of Personal Uncertainty. S.L. Koole, B.W. Pelham, On the Nature of Implicit Self-Esteem: The Case of the Name Letter Effect. C.H. Jordan, S.J. Spencer, M.P. Zanna, "I Love Me...I Love Me Not": Implicit Self-Esteem, Explicit Self-Esteem, and Defensiveness. C. Wolfe, J. Crocker, What Does the Self Want? Contingencies of Self-Worth and Goals. M.W. Baldwin, J.R. Baccus, An Expectancy-Value Approach to Self-Esteem. J.A. Bargh, G.M. Fitzsimons, K.Y.A. McKenna, The Self, Online. M. Schaller, Ancestral Environments and Motivated Social Perception: Goal-Like Blasts From the Evolutionary Past. S.T. Fiske, Five Core Social Motives, Plus or Minus Five. J.Y. Shah, A.W. Kruglansk, R. Friedman, Goal Systems Theory: Integrating the Cognitive and Motivational Aspects of Self-Regulation. G.L. Pennington, N.J. Roese, Counterfactual Thinking and Regulatory Focus. R.M. Sorrentino, Motivated Perception and the Warm Look: Current Perspectives and Future Directions.

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