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You saw that it was the life of the whole and the death of each individual. You felt yourself entwined in the collective death, from death to the earth's deepest place, from death in your own strangely breathing depths. Oh-you long to be beyond; despair and mortal fear seize you in this death that breathes slowly and streams back and forth eternally. All this light and dark, warm, tepid, and cold water, all these wavy; swaying, twisting plantlike animals and bestial plants, all these nightly wonders become a horror to you, and you long for the sun, for light dry air, for firm stones, for a fixed place and straight lines, for the motionless and firmly held, for rules and preconceived purpose, for .singleness and your own intent.


3n3L#x/_+n*tx0你以为你看到了生活的全部,看到了每个人的死亡。那死亡来自于地的最深处,来自于你自己那不可思议的心底的呼吸。你渴望超越死亡,但是却在缓慢的呼吸中被死亡的气息反复冲刷,最终仍然被绝望和凡夫俗子的恐惧所俘获。所有这些光明和黑暗,温暖,温度,凉水,所有这些波动起伏,摇曳,缠绵,植物一样的动物,动物一样的植物,所有夜间的奇观变成了惊骇,你渴望太阳,渴望光,干燥的空气,坚硬的石头,确定的地方,渴望直线,渴望静止,渴望紧紧地握住,渴望规则,渴望预想的目的,渴望独处,渴望自己的意图。心理学空间)q{D vta8B*U


The knowledge of death came to me that night, from the dying that engulfs the world. I saw how we live toward death, how the swaying golden wheat sinks together under the scythe of the reaper, / like a smooth wave on the sea-beach. He who abides in common life becomes aware of death with fear. Thus the fear of death drives him toward singleness. He does not live there, but he becomes aware of life and is happy; since in singleness he is one who becomes, and has overcome death. He overcomes death through overcoming common life. He does not live his individual being, since he is not what he is, but what he becomes.

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ZwB+PL&RV0我从那夜起认识了死亡,看到它是如何吞没了世界。我看到我们如何一天天地走向死亡。人们从日常的生活中体会到死亡的恐怖,继而被这种恐惧驱使着陷入沉思。我们未曾死过,但是籍此思考却使我们更意识到生命的可贵,因此而快乐。我们从沉思中醒来,不但克服了死亡的恐怖,与此同时也能更好地活出生命的精彩。当我们这么做的时候,我们早已不是那个原来的自己,我们是新的生命。)心理学空间"wB$qg7sX by

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*}cbK0{9LK0One who becomes grows aware of life, whereas one who simply exists never will, since he is in the midst of life. He needs the heights and singleness to become aware of life. But in life he becomes aware of death. And it is good that you become aware of collective death, since then you know why your singleness and your heights are good. Your heights are like the moon that luminously wanders alone and through the night looks eternally clear. Sometimes it covers itself and then you are totally in the darkness of the earth, but time and again it fills itself out with light. The death of the earth is foreign to it. Motionless and clear, it sees the life of the earth from afar, without enveloping haze and streaming oceans. Its unchanging form has been solid from eternity. It is the solitary clear light of the night, the individual being, and the near fragment of eternity.


当一个人领略了生命的真谛,他就从此不再是简单地活着,他是在生活。他需要站在某个高度,拥有深度的思考。他在生命的旅途中会时时觉察到死亡的痕迹,认识到这种死亡的集体潜意识其实很有好处,你就知道你所站在的高度和你拥有的深度思考是多么有必要。)你的高峰就像独自徘徊发光的月亮,在夜晚,它清晰永恒。有时候,它遮住了自己,你在地上完全黑暗了。不久它出来了,再次月光朦胧。地的死亡对它而言无关。皎洁又静谧,它看到地的生命在远方,没有阴蔽的雾霾,没有流动的海洋,它不变的形式就像来自永恒的石头。它是夜里隐士般的明光,它是个体的存在就像是永恒的碎片。心理学空间d&g&Y sx9V

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From there you look out, cold, motionless, and radiating. With otherworldly silvery light and green twilights, you pour out into the distant horror. You see it but your gaze is clear and cold. Your hands are red from living blood, but the moonlight of your gaze is motionless. It is the life blood of your brother, yes, it is your own blood, but your gaze remains luminous and embraces the entire horror and the earth's round. Your gaze rests on silvery seas, on snowy peaks, on blue valleys, and you do not hear the groaning and howling of the human animal.

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The moon is dead. Your soul went to the moon, to the preserver of souls.4o Thus the soul moved toward death Y I went into the inner death and saw that outer dying is better than inner death. And I decided to die outside and to live within. For that reason I turned and sought the place of the inner life.

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月亮死亡了,在守护灵的护持中,你的灵魂进入了月亮,这样,灵魂进入了死亡。我进入了内在的死亡,看到外部的死亡好过内在的死亡。我决定让我的外在死亡,而我,活在我的内在之中。因为这样,我转化了,寻找内在生命之地。心理学空间7tL;`^.\p8L }X%q

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